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Pronunciation table

p b f v m t d þ ð ɫ l ż s z r n k g x ƣ h ȝ š i e a ǫ o u ĭ ĕ ŭ
/p/ /b/ /ɸ/ /β/ /m̥/ /m/ /t/ /d/ /θ/ /ð/ /l̥/ /l/ /ʦ/ /ʣ/ /s/ /z/ /ɾ̥/ /n/ /k/ /g/ /ç/ /ʝ/ /j̊/ /j/ /sʷ/ /sʲ/ /i/ /e/ /ä/ /ɒ/ /o/ /u/ /ɪ/ /ɛ/ /ʊ/


lat grk cyr arm geo dev gla run tng heb arb kat hir han
p π п պ ٮ פּ
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  1. affx = affix, either a prefix or a suffix, e.g., pel-, adj. prefix for pale colors, e.g., pelxűli, pale yellow.
  2. comp = compound of two or more words, e.g., pa̋a̋ȝa, t.v. pasture + ȝűta, i.v. migrate= paaiȝűta, transhumance.
  3. derv = a word derived from a root, e.g., part̨őni, adj. (made of) cotton < pa̋rti.
  4. poly = a word with a different but related sense, e.g., pőɫo, queue, < pőɫo, tail.
  5. Words in red indicate an object or concept that did not exist in Sefdaania.
  6. These words are not numbered, as only lemmata are numbered.
  7. At the end of each alphabetic section is a legend, e.g., Total: 112/76+10/78%. This means that there are 112 root words (lemmata) of which 76 are verbs and ten are adjectives which can be treated as stative verbs. The last number means that 78 percent of the vocabulary is verbs.


  • p0021pa̋a̋d|a, t.v. pocket. -o, pouch, pocket.
  • comp paaiȝűta, transhumance [< pa̋a̋ȝa, t.v. pasture; ȝűta, i.v. migrate].
  • p002 pa̋a̋no, texture, tissue, membrane [> English vane].
  • p003 pa̋a̋po, accident, mishap [> Sanskrit pāpá, bad].
  • p004 pa̋a̋s|a, t.v. be related to, be kin to. -i, adj. related, relative, akin, kindred, cognate. -lu, relative, relation, kin. -lɪ̋ȝu, kindred. -ra, relationship, kinship.
  • p005 pa̋a̋|ta, 1. t.v. feed, nourish, nurture, provide-, supply-, -with nourishment; foster. 2. i.v. feed; keep up [> English food]. -to, nutriment, nutrient. –þlu, food provider. -þra, nourishment, sustenance, nutrition, maintenance. –þri, adj. nutritious, nutritive, nourishing.
  • p006 pa̋a̋ug|a, 1. t.v. make gleam. 2. i.v. gleam, burn, glare, flash [> English Puck]. -i, adj. brilliant, luminous. -o, gleam, glare, flash, brilliance.
  • p007 pa̋a̋v|o, street, road, thoroughfare [> Kolami pāv, way]. –ko, alley.
  • p008 pa̋a̋z|i, adj. old, antiquated, out-of-date, outmoded, obsolete, old-fashioned [> Konda pāṛ, old]. –lı̋vi, adj. decrepit. -ta, oldness, antiquatedness.
  • p009 pa̋|da, t.v. deck with flags [> Turkish bayrak, flag]. –do, flag standard, ancient. –ðko, banner.
  • p010 pa̋ð|a, t.v. dam-, (-up, -off), embank, dike [> Finnish pato, dam]. -f̨őőlo, causeway. -ȝa̋fo, breach in dike. -o, dike, dam, barrage. -ve̋e̋l̤u, dike reeve.
  • p011 pa̋f|a, 1. t.v. arrange, (set-, put-, -in) order, sift, sort; settle; marshal, dispose, array [troops for a battle], assemble, put together. 2. i.v. adjust [> Mongolian eb, order]. –i, adj. orderly, regular, methodical, tidy, neat; duly, in order. -lűko, ordinal number. –n̨a̋ro, table, diagram. –o, kind, type. –ra, adjustment, settlement; array, structure; order, class, rank, succession, sequence, assembly, arrangement, disposition, grouping, decision. –ta, orderliness, regularity, tidiness.
  • p012 pa̋g|a, 1. t.v. tighten, draw tight, consolidate, make secure, latch; steady, settle. 2. i.v. tighten; steady, settle [> English fay]. -i, adj. steady, settled, equable.
  • p013 pa̋|ȝa, 1. t.v. whiten, bleach, blanch. 2. i.v. become white [> Hungarian fehér, white]. -ita, whiteness. -iże̋e̋no, blaze [on a hide]. -ȝi, adj. dead white, blank.
  • p014 pa̋k|a, i.v. fuss. –o, fuss.
  • p015 pa̋l|a, 1. t.v. round (off). 2. i.v. round [> Etruscan pala, roundness]. -i, adj. round, rotund. -nőőa, panorama. -o, disk, plate, roundel; disc. –še̋nlo, disk player. –ta, roundness, rotundity.
  • p016 pa̋n|a, 1. t.v. meet, encounter, run into. 2. i.v. meet, encounter. -lűvo, appointment book. -o, meeting, encounter. -ra, appointment.
  • p017 pa̋nto, bouquet, nosegay [> Saami paandĕ, bouquet].
  • p018 pa̋pa, pappa, daddy.
  • p019 pa̋r|a, 1. t.v. equal, equalize, equate; correspond, conform, coordinate. 2. i.v. make up (for, ðééa) [> English par]. -i, adj. equal, corresponding, conforming, coordinating. -i, cnj. or [connecting equivalent nouns or phrases]. -ta, equality, correspondence, conformity; equinox.
  • p020 parı̋ku, courtesan.
  • comp part|ĕne̋e̋to, cotton thread [< pa̋rti, cotton; ne̋e̋to, thread]. -ĕȝőőɫo, cotton fabric [< ȝőőɫo, fabric].
  • derv part̨őni, adj. (made of) cotton.
  • p021 pa̋s|a, 1. t.v. hasten, hurry, speed, rush. 2. i.v. make haste, hasten, (be in a) hurry, hurl, hurtle, speed, rush [> Korean pap:i-ha-, make hurry]. –a̋ta, i.v. scamper. –e, intrj. Come on! –i, adj. hasty. –ra, haste, speed. –vi, adj. hastily.
  • p022 pa̋ṡo, pomace [> Gipuzkoan pats, pomace].
  • p023 pa̋u|i, adj. few, not much/many; a few [> Engliah few]. -vi, adv. less.
  • p024 pa̋us|a, 1. t.v. let-, -loose, -go (off), -on, -out, release, dump; let off; tap, broach, rack; launch. 2. i.v. launch [> Greek παύω, stop]. -si, adj. draft. -slo, tap, spigot, faucet. -so, sluice, lock [canal], half-door. -sra, release; letting off. -s̈a̋xo, draft beer.
  • p025 pa̋v|a, 1. t.v. flake, chip. 2. i.v. flake, chip off. -i, adj. flaky. -o, flake, chip, flock [of hair, wool, etc.].
  • p026 pa̋x|a, 1. t.v. close (down), shut; block, obstruct, occlude, restrict, blockade. 2. i.v. close, shut; be in the way [> Japanese hák, put on. -a̋żo, blockade. –i, adj. closed. -o, blockage, obstruction, occlusion. –tŭm̃i, adj. astringent, styptic. –t̬i, astringent.
  • p027 pe̋e̋|a, 1. t.v. suffer, bear, endure, stand, undergo, put up with. 2. i.v. suffer, bear (up), endure. –ga̋udo, ordeal. -i, adj. longsuffering. -ȝi, adj. sufferable, bearable, endurable. –ra, sufferance, endurance.
  • p028 pe̋e̋|da, t.v. impoverish [> Telugu pēda, poor]. -di, adj. needy, indigent, poor, impecunious. -du, pauper. –ðdőőa, almsgiving. –ðdőőo, alms. -ðta, need, indigence, poverty.
  • p029 pe̋e̋|la, 1. t.v. fill-, (-up), (-in); charge; occupy [space or time], comply. 2. i.v. fill (up), be full of. -li, adj. full, filled, replete. -lkı̋o, inlaid work. –l̤o, funnel. –l̤u, occupant. -lo, fill, filling, packing; -ful, e.g., k̬espe̋e̋lo, basketful. –lri, adj. plentiful. -lta, fullness. –lvi, adv. fully, at length.
  • p030 pe̋e̋m̃|i, adj. tangy, zesty. -ta, tanginess, zest.
  • p031 pe̋e̋n|a, t.v. foster [> Tamil pēṇ, take care] -ða̋mu, foster family. -ma̋a̋ma, foster mother. -ta̋a̋ta, foster father. –żőőnu, foster parent. -żőőnaþu, foster child.
  • p032 pe̋e̋x|a, 1. t.v. design, plan [> Japanese hakáru, plan]. 2. i.v. design, plan. –o, design, plan; suit [cards].
  • p033 pe̋|da, 1. t.v. step on, set-, place-, have-, -one's foot on. 2. i.v. step [> English foot]. –da̋ntu, pedestrian. –do, step. –ðbőto, nadir. –ðf̨őőlo, footpath, foot-way. –ðmi, adj. -footed, pedate. –ðm̃i, adj. pedal. –ðni, adj. pedate. -ðra, footing. –ðsa̋a̋bo, footprint, footmark. –ðse̋e̋pa, foot-hold. -ðsı̋vlo, pedal, treadle. –ðsőþlu, foot soldier. –ðsőþlus, infantry. –ðše̋no, footfall, footstep. –ðþőlo, footbridge. -ðvi, adv. afoot, on foot.
  • p034 pe̋|ga, 1. t.v. flank- (-on). 2. i.v. flank, go to the side [> English pectoral]. –ga, postp. to-, at-, -the side of. -go, side, flank. -ƣða̋mu, collateral family. -ƣmi, adj. –sided. -ƣm̃i, adj. side, lateral. -ƣvi, adv. abreast, side-by-side.
  • p035 pe̋in|i, adj. cool [> Tamil pan_i, become cool]. -ta, coolness.
  • p036 pe̋isa, 1. t.v. tread-, trample-, -down. 2. i.v. stampede [> English pestle].
  • affx pel-, adj. prefix for pale colors, e.g., pelxűli, pale yellow [> English pale].
  • p037 pe̋l|a, 1. t.v. fold, pleat, crease. 2. i.v. fold, crease [> English fold]. -do, a big piece of fabric. -i, adj. folded, pleated, creased. -o, fold, pleat, crease.
  • derv pelőnv|i, adj. dovelike, columbine (< pelőnve, dove). -ı̋ȝo, flight-, flock-, -of pigeons.
  • comp pemka̋a̋v|a, i.v. apply lipstick [< pe̋mo, lip; ka̋a̋va, i.v. apply red ocher]. -o, lipstick.
  • p038 pempe̋l|u, giant. -i, adj. gigantic.
  • p039 pe̋n, adj. five [> English pentagon]. –dı̋lmi, adj. five years old. –dı̋lm̃i, adj. quinquennial. –dı̋lo, quinquennium. -o, quintet, pentad. -s, adv. five times.-ṡa̋to, pentathlon. –ti, adj. fifth. –úru, adv. five at a time.
  • poly pe̋n|a, i.v. purr (< pe̋na, spin). –o, purr.
  • p040 pe̋nta, t.v. meet-, fall in-, -with; hit upon, come across, run-, -across, -into [> Eng. find].
  • p041 péru, adv. forth, out(side).
  • derv perk̬őni, adj. oak, oaken [< pe̋rk̬i, oak, Quercus robur].
  • comp perkŭṡe̋ti, adj. firm as an oak.
  • p042 pe̋|ta, 1. t.v. fly. 2. i.v. fly [> English feather]. –tantes, the flying ones [the sixth order of living beings]. -þlu, airman, aviator, pilot. -þra, flight, flying.
  • p043 pe̋þ|a, t.v. pinch, tweak [> Korean t:ɨt-, pinch]. –o, pinch, twinge.
  • p044 pe̋u|da, 1. t.v. be-, -busy with, -involved-, -engaged-, -in, get into. 2. i.v. be-, -busy, -occupied, -involved, -engaged. –di, adj. busy, engaged, involved. -ðra, busyness, involvement.
  • p045 pe̋x|a, 1. t.v. embarrass, abash. 2. i.v. be embarrassed [> Mongolian baƣar-da, be embarrassed]. -i, adj. embarrassed. -ra, embarrassment, abashment.
  • comp pez|ba̋a̋no, ossuary [pe̋zo, bone; ba̋a̋no, pot]. –eermőlno, bonemeal [e̋e̋ri, adj. coarse; mőlno, flour].
  • derv pe̋z|a, t.v. bone [< pe̋zo, bone]. –zm̃i, adj. bony, osseous, pertaining to bone. –zni, adj. bony, osseous, resembling bone. -zus, the solid-bone people, i.e., the Children of Air, Earth and Rock. –z̨őni, adj. osseous, made of bone.
  • p046 pı̋ı̋l|a, 1. t.v. flap, tap. 2. i.v. flap, tap. –o, flap, tap.
  • p047 pı̋ı̋m|a, 1. t.v. fatten. 2. i.v. fatten, batten [> Latvian e̋e̋ri, adj. coarse piẽns, milk]]. -i, adj. fat, fatty, plump, adipose, stout. -o, fat.
  • p048 pı̋ı̋n|a, t.v. mint, coin. –de̋mo, mint. –i, adj. pecuniary. -ı̋ȝo, coinage. -lu, minter, moneyer. –o, money, currency. -ri, adj. pecunious. -te̋xlu, cashier. -űűra, mintage, coinage.
  • p049 pı̋ı̋|ra, t.v. desire, feel like. -ri, adj. desirous. -r̈a, desire. –rsi, adj. promising. -r̨i, adj. desirable.
  • p050 pı̋ı̋ṡ|a, 1. t.v. tear-, break-, pull-, wrench-, -off, take apart, dismantle; mangle, botch. 2. i.v. break away, snap.
  • p051 pı̋ı̋|ta, t.v. collect [sap]. –ta, sap-tapping month (Feb 19-Mar 20). –to, sap, syrup.
  • p052 pı̋d|a, t.v. bear, bring forth, give birth to, birth [of animals] [> Old Irish idu, birth pain]. -e, neonate [of animals].
  • p053 pı̋ð|a, 1. t.v. elongate, lengthen, prolong, protract. 2. i.v. elongate, lengthen [> Finnish pit, long]. -i, adj. long [distance]; prolonged, protracted, lengthy; fig. remote. -o, length; duration; mora. -pı̋sta, feud. -ra, elongation, prolongation, protraction.
  • p054 pı̋|ka, t.v. pitch, caulk [> English pitch]. -ki, pitchy. -ko, pitch. -xma̋żo, turpentine.
  • comp pil|ba̋nt̬i, shampoo. -gőlo, hair knot, bun. -kőőno, hair on leather. -ne̋e̋to, filament.
  • p055 pı̋n|a, 1. t.v. diminish, decrease, abate, lessen; foreshorten. 2. i.v. wane, fall (off), subside [> Telugu pina, small]. -dı̋ı̋to, epoch. -ða̋mu, nuclear family. -e̋su, elemental. -i, adj. little, small, infra-. -o, trifle. -ra, decrease, diminution, foreshortening. -rı̋lu, minor [under age]. -rűűno, small letter. -ta, littleness, smallness, minority. -vi, adv. a little (bit).
  • p056 pı̋nto, surface, face [of the earth] [> Finnish pinta, surface].
  • p057 pı̋pa, i.v. chirp, cheep, peep, twitter [> English pipe].
  • p058 pı̋s|a, t.v. (reduce to) pulp, mash, purée. -i, adj. pulpy. -o, pulp, mash; purée.
  • p059 pı̋xo, node, nodule; knob.
  • p060 pı̋z|a, i.v. slip, skid, slide [> Tamil piẓai, fail]. -i, adj. slippery. -o, slick. -ta, slipperiness.
  • p061 pőőȝ|a, 1. t.v. drink (in), imbibe. 2. i.v. drink, imbibe [> English potable]. -i, adj. potable, drinkable.
  • p062 pőő|ka, i.v. do mischief [> Telugu pōkiri, wicked]. -ki, adj. mischievous. -ko, mischief. –xlu, mischiefmaker.
  • p063 pőő|la, t.v. imitate, mimic, impersonate, copy, mime [> Tamil pōl, resemble]. –l̤u, mime, mimic. -lo, imitation, copy. –l̨i, adj. imitable.
  • p064 pőőr|a, t.v. insult, affront [> Tamil poru, fight]. -i, adj. insulting, outrageous, derogatory. -o, insult, outrage, affront (to, do).
  • p065 pőőugu, specter, wraith [> English spook].
  • p066 pőőz|a, 1. t.v. split (off). 2. i.v. split (off) [> Tamil pōẓ, spli. -i, adj. fissile. –o, split.
  • p067 pőd|a, 1. t.v. powder, pulverize, triturate. 2. i.v. pulverize, powder. –o, powder.
  • p068 pőf|a, 1. t.v. pant, puff, snort. 2. i.v. pant, puff, snort, breathe heavily. -o, puff, snort.
  • p069 pőg|a, 1. t.v. strangle. 2. i.v. strangle [> Turk. -, strangle]. –ƣlu, strangler –ƣ̈a̋vo, stranglehold..
  • derv pőɫi, adj. -tailed. [< pőɫo, tail].
  • poly pőɫo, queue, string [of people]; train [of dress]. [< pőɫo, tail].
  • p070 pőm|a, t.v. embrace, put one's arm around, hug [> Konda pom, embrace]. -o, embrace, hug.
  • p071 pőm̃|o, pearl [> Estonian pőv, large silver pearl]. –ka̋ði, adj. pearl-studded.
  • p072 pőn|a, 1. t.v. bud. 2. i.v. bud, gemmate [> Japanese hana, flower]. –ka̋ði, adj. covered with buds. –mi, in bud, budding, gemmate. -o, bud, burgeon gemma, gemmule.
  • p073 pőƣl|a, i.v. have hands stiff with cold. -o, stiff cold hand.
  • p074 pőr|i, adj. just, honest, just, straight-forward, candid, frank. -ta, justice, honesty, sincerity, candidness, candor, frankness. –vi, adv. downright.
  • p075 pór|u, adv. forward(s), onward, to-, toward-, -the front; ~k̬e púk̬e, back and forth. -ṡa̋þm̃u, vanguard. –na̋ka, i.v. look forward, expect.
  • p076 pós|a, postp. after, behind, by, following, since [> English post-]. -i, adj. future, aftertime. –i, cnj. after, behind, since. –me̋to, aftermath. -na̋kaþo, background. -ṡűm̃a, day after tomorrow. -ta, future. -u, adv. afterward(s), subsequently, at a later time, then, hereafter, one-, some-, -day, ahead. -upósu, by and by.
  • p077 pő|ta, t.v. watch (out for), keep, mind, keep an eye on. -ti, adj. watchful, vigilant, mindful, alert. -to, watch. -þlu, keeper, guardian, custodian, warden. –þra, vigilance, custody. –þta, mindfulness, alertness.
  • p078 pótu, adv. namely, that is (to say), of course, to wit [> Latin utpote, inasmuch as].
  • p079 pőu|gi, adj. pure, unmixed, unalloyed, undefiled, sterling, sound, chaste. -gu, virgin. -ƣta, pureness, chastity, virginity.
  • comp poulsı̋ı̋ȝo, fleabite [ < pőule, flea; sı̋ı̋ȝa, t.v. bite].
  • derv pőulri, adj. infested with fleas [< pőule, flea].
  • p080 pőu|ti, adj. equivalent, commensurate (to, with, méta). -þta, equivalence.
  • p081 pőx|i, adj. flabby, flaccid [> Georgian ṗox, fatten. -ta, flaccidity, flabbiness.
  • p082 pőza, i.v. pour (down) [> Tamil poẓi, pour].
  • p083 pǫ̋l|a, 1. t.v. ejaculate. 2. i.v. gush-, spout-, (-forth, -up); ejaculate [> Hungarian foly, flow]. -o, gusher, geyser; ejaculation. –ra, ejaculation.
  • p084 pǫ̋n|a, i.v. fart silently [> Hungarian fing, fart]. -o, silent fart.
  • p085 pǫ̋ṡa, t.v. grub-, root-, -up, uproot.
  • p086 pűű|a, 1. t.v. rot, decompose, decay, putrefy. 2. i.v. rot, decompose, decay, putrefy, spoil, addle [> English putrid]. -i, adj. rotten, decayed, putrid, spoiled. -ȝi, adj. putrescible. – m̃i, adj. musty. -o, dry rot. -ta, rottenness, decomposition, decay, putrefaction. -ta̋lo, compost.
  • p087 pűűð|a, t.v. brood, incubate. -e, brood. -k̬e̋so, incubator.
  • p088 pűű|ga, 1. t.v. distress. 2. i.v. be distressed [> Japanese boké-, be distressed]. -anti, adj. distressing, distressful. -gi, adj. distressed. -ƣra, distress.
  • p089 pűűlo, large sum, great number, batch, host [> Sanskri la-, bunch].
  • p090 pűűm|a, t.v. explore. -lu, explorer.
  • p091 pűűna, t.v. mount [a steed] [> Turkish bin-, mount].
  • p092 pűűr|a, t.v. stone [fruit], take out the kernel [> English furze]. -m̃i, adj. nuclear. -o, kernel, stone [of fruit]; nucleus.
  • p093 pűűs|a, outside, exterior [> Korean pak, outside]. -a̋a̋ro, outer space. –i, adj. outer, outside, outward, exterior; foreign. -u, outsider, foreigner.
  • p094 pűűþ|a, i.v. think. –o, thought.
  • p095 pu, adv. back, backward(s), aback. -a̋ṡa, t.v. drive backwards, reverse. -i, adj. retro-.
  • p096 pű|da, 1. t.v. touch ([up]on), contact. 2. i.v. touch, contact > Kolami puḍk-, touch]. –ðra, touch, contact. -di, adj. tactile. -do, touch. -d̨i, adj. tangible, tactile. –ðve̋uda, t.v. palpate.
  • p097 pűf|a, i.v. gust. -o, gust.
  • p098 pű|ȝo, back, rear [> Finnish puo, back part]. -iṡa̋þm̃u, rearguard. –ȝi, adj. back, rear.
  • p099 pű|ki, adj. very hairy, shaggy, thick-wooled [> English fox]. -kőko, tail [with long hair], brush [of foxes]. -ku, the hairy one [Xylans]. –xm̃i, adj. vulpine, pertaining to-, characteristic of-, -foxes. –xni, adj. vulpine, foxy, like a fox.
  • p100 pű|la, 1. t.v. divide, part, sever, sunder, disconnect; resolve, partition. 2. i.v. divide, part, sever, sunder; resolve [> Finnisn puoli, part]. –laþu, Sundered One. –lko, particle. –lne̋msa, percentage. –lo, part, stretch [journey]. –lra, division, severance, disconnection, partition; resolution; mez~, The Great Sundering. -l̨i, adj. divisible.
  • p101 pűm̃a, 1. t.v. suffocate. 2. i.v. suffocate.
  • p102 pűƣo, hollow in a tree [> Georgian puɣur-o, hollow].
  • p103 pűr|a, 1. t.v. bore through, drill. 2. i.v. bore, drill [> Hungarian fúr-, bore]. –lo, bore, borer, drill.
  • p104 pűrk|a, t.v. lasso. –ĕlo, lasso.
  • p105 pű|ṡa, 1. t.v. crowd-, press-, -together, compress, concentrate, condense, consolidate. 2. i.v. mat; concentrate, condense, consolidate [> English pyknic]. -sra, compression, concentration, condensation, consolidation. –ṡĭta, compressibility. -ṡo, condensation. –ṡőuto, stillsuit. -ṡ̨i, adj. compressible, reducible.
  • p106 puva̋ɫo, feast when game is brought home [> Chaplino vuváɫa, whaling feast].
  • comp ƥartűso, fingerprint [ƥaro, finger; tűso, mark].
  • p107 ƥa̋þ|u, girl. -i, adj. girlish.
  • p108 ƥa̋v|a,1. t.v. boast. 2. i.v. boast, vaunt, brag. -i, adj. boastful, vaunting. -lu, braggard. -o, boast, vaunt.
  • poly ƥőka, fig. bitterness.
  • p109 ƥű|da, t.v. enlighten> Turkish ujan-, wake up]. –ðra, enlightenment.
  • p110 ƥűs|a, 1. t.v. sprinkle, besprinkle, drizzle. 2. i.v. sprinkle. –lo, sprinkler, aspergillum. -o, sprinkle.
  • p111 ƥű|ta, t.v. create, bring into being [> Tocharian A pyutk-, make come into being]. –þlu, creator. –þra, creation.
  • p112 ƥűv|a, 1. t.v. result in, pass [test]. 2. i.v. do right, come about, succeed, manage, turn out to be, work (out) . -i, adj. successful; resultant. –i, cnj. with the result that, that. -o, success; result(s), issue, outcome.

total: 112/77+10/78%