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Pronunciation table

p b f v m t d þ ð ɫ l ż s z r n k g x ƣ h ȝ š i e a ǫ o u ĭ ĕ ŭ
/p/ /b/ /ɸ/ /β/ /m̥/ /m/ /t/ /d/ /θ/ /ð/ /l̥/ /l/ /ʦ/ /ʣ/ /s/ /z/ /ɾ̥/ /n/ /k/ /g/ /ç/ /ʝ/ /j̊/ /j/ /sʷ/ /sʲ/ /i/ /e/ /ä/ /ɒ/ /o/ /u/ /ɪ/ /ɛ/ /ʊ/


lat grk cyr arm geo dev gla run tng heb arb kat hir han






  • The tengwar are not visible on Frathwiki.


  1. affx = affix, either a prefix or a suffix, e.g., -e, noun suffix naming an animal that is characterized by the action of the verb or by the noun, e.g., ga̋m̃a, to caw; ga̋m̃e, crow.
  2. derv = derivative, a word derived from a root, e.g., e̋m̃i, adj. finny, finlike < e̋m̃o, fin, or a word with an affix, e.g., e̋inm̃i, adj. cervine, pertaining to deer < e̋ine, deer.
  3. gram = grammar, e.g., e-, the augment for the past tense.
  4. These words are not numbered, as only lemmata are numbered.
  5. Words in red indicate an object or concept that did not exist in Sefdaania.
  6. At the end of each alphabetic section is a legend, Total: 38/19+3/58%. This means that there are 38 root words (lemmata) of which 19 are verbs and three are adjectives which can be treated as stative verbs. The last number means that 58 percent of the vocabulary is verbs.


  • e001 e̋e̋|di, adj. silly, absurd, simple [> Japanese adá, vain]. -ðta, silliness, absurdity, simpleness.
  • e002 e̋e̋|ga, 1. t.v. lift-, raise-, (-up), hold up, elevate, hoist, hoise, rear, boost, heave. 2. i.v. arise [> Japanese àge-, raise]. -go, mound. -ƣlo, siphon. -ƣra, the Resurrection.
  • e003 e̋e̋|ka, t.v. persuade, induce, prevail upon; bully [a p. to do a th.]. -k̨i, adj. persuadable, persuasible, inducible. -xlu, persuader, inducer, bully. -xra, persuasion, inducement. -xsi, adj. persuasive.
  • e004 e̋e̋l|o, stripe, strip, streak, mark, band; sector. -ga, i.v. streak; graze, brush, skim [> German Aalstreif, black stripe on animal’s back]. -ı̋d̨a, t.v. streak, stripe, striate; touch-, -slightly, -on, graze, brush, skim. -i, adj. striped, streaked, streaky, striated.
  • e005 e̋e̋ɫ|o, rake. -ı̋d̨a, t.v. rake [> Mongolian ele, rub off].
  • e006 e̋e̋n|i, adj. wide; t̨umrenőn pe̋n ~i; five miles across [> Turkish en, width]. -ga, i.v. widen. -ı̋d̨a, t.v. widen; stretch [shoes]. -ta, width.
  • e007 eenő, intrj. behold, hey look [> Latin ecce].
  • e008 e̋e̋|pa, 1. t.v. associate [with, súna]. 2. i.v. associate, hang out [> Sanskrit āpí-, friend]. -flu, comrade, mate, colleague, associate, buddy, fellow. -fta, comradeship, camaraderie, fellowship. -pi, adj. comradely, sociable.
  • e009 e̋e̋r|i, adj. rough, coarse, jagged; impolite, discourteous, rude, uncouth, boorish, gross, vulgar, churlish [> Turkish iri, rough]. -ga, i.v. coarsen. -ı̋d̨a, t.v. coarsen. -ta, coarseness, roughness; discourteousness, rudeness, uncouthness, grossness, vulgarity. -u, boor, churl, lout, oaf.
  • e010 e̋e̋þa, 1. t.v. save, secure; salvage, rescue, recover, help. 2. i.v. save; recover [> Turkish et, organize].
  • e011 e̋e̋v|a, t.v. command, order, bid [> Tamil ēvu, command]. -lu, commander. -o, order, command, commandment, behest, bidding.
  • gram e-, augment for past tense [> Greek e-, augment for past tense].
  • affx -e, noun suffix naming an animal that is characterized by the action of the verb or by the noun, e.g., ga̋m̃a, to caw; ga̋m̃e, crow; or of the nature of the noun or adjective, e.g., sűűbo, hump; sűűbe, camel.
  • e012 e̋|ba, 1. t.v. light upon, befall, bechance, happen to, become of, be-have towards, treat (of), betide. 2. i.v. befall, happen, bechance, come-, -to pass, -about, -up, fall out, take place, occur, betide, transpire [> Japanese á, meet]. -ba, postp. in case of, against. -bátu, cnj. if only. -bi, cnj. in case, in the event that, if [with sbj.]. -bi, adj. incidental. -bo, happening, incident, treatment, occurrence, engagement, rendezvous, tryst. -v̈i, 'adv.' incidentally, by the way. -vra, occurrence, instance, time, event.
  • e013 e̋|da, 1. t.v. eat; take [medicine]. 2. i.v. eat [> English eat]. -dı̋slo, crib, manger. -do, food, meal, dish, viand, foodstuff, victuals. -ð̨i, adj. eatable, edible. -ðfa̋rlu, grocer. -ðke̋e̋sa, mealtime. -ðko, snack, collation. -ðm̃exle̋żo, menu. -ðne̋uðlo, utensils. -ðpe̋e̋ka, diet. -ðpı̋ı̋ra, appetite. -ðsı̋ı̋mlo, table knife.
  • e014 e̋fo, hundred million [> Japanese -, big].
  • e015 e̋|ga, 1. t.v. lack; miss. 2. i.v. be-, -in want, -missing [> English indigent]. -gi, adj. deficient, lacking, short, wanting, privative. -go, lack, scarcity, deficiency, shortage; tu íðu ~om kı̋a ne, you are not needed here. -ƣra, want.
  • e016 éh|a, postp. out (of), from (within). -u, adv. out.
  • e017 ehő, intrj. cry to get s.o.'s attention, hey there!.
  • e018 e̋i|da, [lunar] month [> English Ides]. -di, adj. monthly. -ðme̋ra, month's mind.
  • e019 e̋ih|a, t.v. plait, braid [> Biscayan eio, braid]. -o, plait, braid.
  • e020 e̋il|o, furrow [> Lithuanian eilē̃, row]. -ga, i.v. furrow. -ı̋d̨a, t.v. furrow.
  • e021 e̋im|o, copy, image [> English image]. -ı̋d̨a, t.v. copy.
  • comp einkőőn|o, deerskin [< e̋ine, deer; kőőno, leather]. -n̨őni, adj. made of deerskin.
  • derv e̋i|nm̃i, adj. cervine, pertaining to deer. -n̈i, adj. cervine, resembling a deer.
  • e022 e̋i|ti, adj. clever [> Greek ίτης, eager, hasty]. -þta, cleverness.
  • e023 e̋|ȝa, t.v. trust-, confide-, (-in), entrust, commit, charge, credit [with, ƣóma], rely upon; look to. -im=i, adj. confident, trusting. =vi, confidently, assuredly. -imı̋þo, credential(s). -im̃i, adj. confidential, private. -ira, trust, confidence, credit, reliance; ~m dőőa, t.v. assure. -iri, adj. trustworthy. -ȝa, postp. in the-, -charge-, -keeping-, -of. -ȝaþu, confidant. -ȝi, adj. creditable.
  • e024 éȝ|u, pers. pron. he, she [> German er, he]. -o, it.
  • e025 e̋|ki, adj. bad, ill, wicked, base, fell [> Japanese akí-, bored]. -xta, wickedness, iniquity.
  • affx -e̋l-, suffix for forming the frequentative (FRQ) aspect.
  • e026 elűno, linchpin [> Old English lyni, axeltree].
  • e027 e̋m|a, 1. t.v. capture, seize. 2. i.v. seize [> English redeem]. -ra, capture, seizure.
  • derv e̋m̃|i, adj. finny, finlike. -mi, adj. finned. [< e̋m̃o, fin]
  • e028 é|na, postp. at, in, into, on, to [> English in]. -na̋ha, intercalary day. -n̈a̋a̋m̃a, t.v. fig. approach [a person], undertake [a business] [< en̈a̋a̋m̃a, embark]. -nðe̋=a, t.v. insert, put in. =o, insertion. -nk̬őla, t.v. enflesh, incarnate. -nm̃e̋e̋s=a, i.v. indwell, dwell within. =i, adj. indwelling, immanent. -npőza, t.v. infuse. -nu, adv. in, by.
  • e029 ép|a, postp. after the manner of, after, at, behind, in, under, according to, in terms of, as, in the role of, under, according to, in terms of [> English ob-]. -i, cnj. as, so. -u, adv. -wise.
  • e030 epe̋l|i, adj. frail, feeble, infirm. -o, physical-, -infirmity, -defect, handicap; fig. short-coming. -ta, frailness, feebleness.
  • e031 e̋r|a, 1. t.v. take advantage of, benefit. 2. i.v. be of-, -advantage, -service, stead [> Etruscan -eri, for the sake of]. -a, postp. on behalf of, for (-the sake-, -the benefit-, -the interest-, -of). -i, adj. advantageous, beneficial; economical. -o, advantage, benefit, interest, stead, behalf.
  • e032 e̋s|a, i.v. be, exist [cf. vűűa] [> English essence]. -i, adj. existent. -lu, being. -ra, essence. -ta, existence.
  • e033 ést|i, cnj. but, however, yet, although, nevertheless, on the other hand [> Greek ἔστε, till]. -ítu, adv. (yet) even (still); nest~, not even. -u, adv. yet, still.
  • e034 é|tu, adv. also, too, as well, likewise, either, in addition, even [> Latin et, and]. -ta, postp. as well as, besides, in addition to, with. -ti, cnj. plus, and also, in addition to. -þfe̋e̋to, epithet, nickname.
  • e035 , intrj. exclamation of joy.
  • e036 éu, adv. (close) by.
  • e037 e̋urþ|a, dignity [> Etruscan eurtha, dignity]. -a̋a̋gu, dignitary. -i, adj. dignified.
  • e038 éva, postp. on, over, to, upon, on top of.
  • e039 exvı̋ƣo, small bag for belongings, purse, wallet [> Inupik ippiasuuk, small bag for belongings].
  • e040 e̋z|a, t.v. esteem [> Etruscan ez, esteem]. -i, adj. esteemed. -sűnu, form of address by an older person to a younger man. -ta, esteem. -z̈ı̋du, form of address by an older person to a younger woman.

Total: 40/19+4/56%