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Pronunciation table

p b f v m t d þ ð ɫ l ż s z r n k g x ƣ h ȝ š i e a ǫ o u ĭ ĕ ŭ
/p/ /b/ /ɸ/ /β/ /m̥/ /m/ /t/ /d/ /θ/ /ð/ /l̥/ /l/ /ʦ/ /ʣ/ /s/ /z/ /ɾ̥/ /n/ /k/ /g/ /ç/ /ʝ/ /j̊/ /j/ /sʷ/ /sʲ/ /i/ /e/ /ä/ /ɒ/ /o/ /u/ /ɪ/ /ɛ/ /ʊ/


lat grk cyr arm geo dev gla run tng heb arb kat hir han
d ντ д դ דּ ظ
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  1. affx = affix, either a prefix or a suffix, e.g., -da̋ro, noun suffix naming the place where the action of the verb occurs, e.g., sa̋a, buy; sada̋ro, market place.
  2. comp = compound, a word composed of two or more roots, e.g., d̨a̋ƣe, fish + sa̋a̋r̈a, knowledge = d̨aƣsa̋a̋r̈a, ichthyology.
  3. These words are not numbered, as only lemmata are numbered.
  4. Words in red indicate an object or concept that did not exist in Sefdaania.
  5. Abbreviations in orange denote the specific area of specialization, e.g., [Mech.], mechanics.
  6. At the end of each alphabetic section is a legend, e.g., Total: 65/53+2/85%. This means that there are 65 (lemmata) of which 53 are verbs and two are adjectives which can be treated as stative verbs. The last number means that 85 percent of the vocabulary is verbs.


  • d001 da̋a̋|a, i.v. flow, run [> English Don (River)]. -i, adj. liquid, fluid; fluent; cursive. -ȝa̋ra, cursive script. -o, flow, liquid, fluid. -ƣe̋ðo, confluence. -ra, flow, flux, liquid. -re̋e̋ilo, valve. -ta, liquidity, fluidity; fluency. -ta̋ino, cobble(stone).
  • d002 da̋a̋|ȝa, t.v. cut-, -in pieces, -into shreds, dissect, dismantle [Mech.], strip [a weapon] [> English geodesy]. -ilo, shredder. -im=o, Human tribe. =i, adj. tribal. =ve̋e̋lu, tribal leader, baron. -ira, dissection. -ȝo, shred.
  • d003 da̋a̋p|a, cross [mountain] [> Japanese *yamá, mountain]. -o, mountain pass.
  • d004 da̋a̋|ra, i.v. work [> Lithuanian darī́ti, make]. -aulı̋ȝu, committee. -rlu, worker, workman, laborer. -ro, labor, task, job, piece of work, occupation, trade, profession. -r̈a, work; workmanship. -rte̋ro, office. -rve̋e̋lu, boss.
  • d005 da, cnj. and [joining phrases] [> Georgian da, and].
  • d006 da̋|ba, 1. t.v. pull, draw, trail, attract, dray, warp, kedge. 2. i.v. pull, draw, trail, attract, warp, kedge [> Danish tabe, pull]. -vnűȝo, draw-well, bucket-well. -vpa̋go, zipper. -vta̋ino, magnet. -vra, pull, attraction.
  • d007 da̋|ga, 1. t.v. follow (after), ensue from, succeed (to). 2. i.v. follow, ensue, succeed [> Turkish *jạvuk-, near]. -go, consequence, aftermath. -ƣlu, follower, successor. -ƣra, succession, sequence.
  • d008 da̋l|i, adj. delicious, tasty [> Korean tal-, sweet]. -o, tasty dish, delicacy, viand. -ta, deliciousness, good taste.
  • d009 da̋m|a, 1. t.v. suffer from, be ill with. 2. i.v. fall ill, sicken, become-, get-, -sick [> Japanese yám-, to be sick]. -i, adj. sick, ill; ailing, diseased, invalid. -me̋ina, diagnosis. -mi, adj. pathological, unhealthy, diseased, morbid. -mı̋þ=a, t.v. infect. =i, adj. infectious. =lu, carrier. =sa̋vt̬i, antiseptic. -o, illness, sickness, disease. -sa̋a̋r̈=a, pathology. =a̋a̋gu, pathologist. -u, patient, invalid. -że̋no, symptom.
  • d010 da̋pa, t.v. apportion [ > English dapifer].
  • affx -da̋ro, noun suffix naming the place where the action of the verb occurs, e.g., sa̋a, buy; sada̋ro, market place.
  • d011 da̋s|a, 1. t.v. govern, have authority over. 2. i.v. have authority, hold office [> Turkish jasa-, govern]. -a, postp. by-, on-, -the authority of. -fe̋e̋ta, official position, office. -i, adj. governmental, official. -ȝa̋ro, document. -ȝe̋ka, official language. -ka̋a̋|d=a, t.v. execute. =ðra, execution. -kı̋ro, rescript. -lu, governor. -m̃ı̋ru, official. -o, public office. -őito, oath of office. -ra, right, authority. -ta, government. -xe̋po, tax.
  • d012 da̋to, trillion [> Tamil taṭa, big].
  • d013 da̋z|a, i.v. thrive [> Tamil, *daẓ-, sprout]. -i, adj. thriving.
  • d014 de̋e̋|a, 1. t.v. put to bed, give rest to. 2. i.v. lie (down), rest, repose, be recumbent, crouch, go to bed, settle (down, in); ~aþo ma̋na, be confined to bed [> Turkish jạt-, lie]. -ka̋ðo, (bed)sheet. -ra, rest. -r̈i, adj. restful.
  • d015 de̋e̋|ga, t.v. pack (up), bale; pounce on. -go, pack(et), parcel, package, kit, bale; impression. -ƣmőre, pack-horse. -ƣþa̋se, pack animal. -ƣxı̋ro, pack saddle.
  • d016 de̋e̋m̃|a, 1. t.v. drive-, push-, -on; urge on. 2. i.v. press-, push-, -forward, forge ahead, gain ground. -i, adj. pressing, urgent, impulsive; impetuous. -ra, incentive; drive; propulsion; impulse; im-petus.
  • d017 de̋e̋ra, t.v. skin, flay.
  • d018 de̋e̋s|a, t.v. find (out), discover, look up, come up with. -aþku, foundling. -lu, discoverer. -o, find, discovery. -ra, discovery.
  • d019 de̋|ba, 1. t.v. pain, hurt. 2. i.v. pain, hurt, be painful, suffer, ache [> Turkish *javuz, become weak]. -bi, adj. sore, in pain, painful, achy. -bo, pain, hurt, ache. -vlu, sufferer. -v̈i, adv. painfully.
  • d020 de̋f|a, 1. t.v. pound, stamp, beat, tamp. 2. i.v. stamp [the foot], trudge; paw [the ground] > English diphtheria]. -lo, stamp, beetle, beater, rammer.
  • d021 de̋|ga, t.v. push away, cast off; give offense to, offend (against); reject, repudiate, expel, banish, divorce. -gaþi, adj. offended, aggrieved. -go, offense. -ƣlu, offender. -ƣpı̋no, solatium. -ƣra, rejection, repudiation, expulsion, banishment; divorce.
  • d022 de̋h|a, 1. t.v. inflict, afflict, aggrieve. 2. i.v. visit. -i, adj. afflicted, aggrieved. -ra, affliction.
  • d023 de̋i|ṡa, t.v. demonstrate, present, set forth [> English teach]. -ṡi, adj. demonstrative. -sro, demonstration, presentation.
  • d024 de̋il|a, 1. t.v. affect, impress, influence. 2. i.v. be impressed. -i, adj. impressive. -mi, adj. influential. -ra, impression, influence.
  • d025 de̋|ka, 1. t.v. admire, approve, consider, look up to, value; pass. 2. i.v. admire, approve. -ki, adj. famous. -k̨i, adj. admirable. -xra, admiration, approval, fame, renown, reputation.
  • d026 de̋l|a, 1. t.v. drive at, refer-, advert-, -to, cite, adduce. 2. i.v. (take) aim (at, do); fig. try to injure. -a, postp. with reference to, as to. -ra, reference, advertence, citation, aim.
  • d027 de̋m̃a, i.v. sink in; give way; slip-, slide-, glide-, -in.
  • d028 de̋n|a, t.v. have time [> Welsh dengyn, raw]. -i, adj. leisurely. -ra, leisure. -vi, adv. leisurely.
  • d029 derhőso, faggot.
  • d030 de̋u|ka, 1. t.v. conduct, lead, guide. 2. i.v. conduct, lead- (-the way), guide [> English duke]. -ko, guide. -xlu, leader, guide, conductor.
  • d031 de̋us|a, 1. t.v. cease, stop, end, discontinue, terminate, desist-, refrain-, keep-, -from, leave off, drop out of, give up, quit, put an end to, shut off; sup. + ~, stop-, quit-, -~ing; ~e, avast! 2. i.v. cease, stop, end, discontinue, drop out, break [fever]. -o, end. -ra, cessation, termination.
  • d032 de̋va, t.v. rumple [> English tip].
  • d033 de̋x|a, 1. t.v. obtain, acquire, procure, get, gain, catch up with, catch [a cold]. 2. i.v. gain, catch up [> Latin decēre, adorn]. -a, postp. for. -o, acquisition.
  • d034 dı̋ı̋|a, i.v. shine brightly [> English day]. -a̋a̋ȝo, brilliance [of the sun]. -i, adj. bright, agleam.
  • d035 dı̋ı̋f|a, t.v. minister to. -lu, minister. -m̃i, adj. ministerial. -ra, ministry.
  • d036 dı̋ı̋|ta, period, stage, term [> English tide]. -ti, adj. periodic. -þȝa̋raþo, magazine. -þta, periodicity.
  • d037 dı̋|ga, i.v. revolt, rebel, mutiny. -gi, adj. rebellious, mutinous. -go, revolution, rebellion, mutiny. -ƣlu, revolutionary, rebel, mutineer.
  • d038 d|ı̋ȝa, i.v. collect resin [> Oroch , pitch]. -iiðı̋mo, bitumen. -iita̋a̋in=o, amber. =i, adj. amber. -ı̋ȝi, adj. resinous, rosiny. -ı̋ȝo, resin, rosin.
  • d039 dı̋l|a, i.v. spend-, pass-, -a year [> Turkish yıl, year]. -a, year. -i, adj. annual, yearly. -me̋ra, anniversary. -sűka, new year's day.
  • d040 dı̋n|a, t.v. win [> Turkish jen-, win]. -lu, winner. -o, winnings, prize.
  • d041 dı̋s|a, t.v. guard [> Japanese yàshina-, take care of]. -lu, guard, sentinel, sentry; ~lum m̃ı̋ða, change the guard. -na̋a̋ȝe, guard-dog. -ra, guard; ~am ṡűra, be on guard.
  • d042 dı̋|ża, t.v. wonder, marvel at. -zme̋żi, adj. colossal. -zri, adj. wonderful. -żi, adj. wondrous, marvelous. -żo, wonder, marvel.
  • d043 dőő|a, 1. t.v. give (out), present, donate, deliver; emit, give-, -forth, -off; render, submit, turn-, hand-, -in; lead to; deal (out). 2. i.v. give [> English donor]. -lu, donor, dealer. -o, gift, present, donation, contribution; dose. -ra, emission.
  • d044 dőőt|a, 1. t.v. march, parade, prance. 2. i.v. march, file, parade, prance. -o, march, file, parade, prance.
  • d045 do, postp. to, toward, at, into [> English to].
  • d046 dő|ka, t.v. teach, instruct, educate, train [> English docent]. -ko, lesson, exercise. -ku, class. -xlu, teacher, instructor, tutor. -xra, instruction, teaching, doctrine, education, training, class. -xse̋k̬o, course. -xsűnlu, classmate.
  • d047 dől|a, t.v. dress, square [timber, stone, etc.]. artistically [> German Zoll, customs]. -o, timber [building material]; splint; greave, slat, strip, rib [umbrella].
  • d048 dő|ma, t.v. tame, domesticate, break in [a horse]; subdue, check, curb, control, master, dominate, take-, -over, -control of [> English tame]. -me, domesticated animal. -i, adj. tame, domestic, cultivated, tractable, docile. -mhe̋l=o, electricity. =i, adj. electric. =ı̋vko, electic outlet, plug. =re̋e̋ża, voltage. -mra, domestication, domination, control. -mta, tameness. -m̨i, adj. tameable, controllable.
  • d049 dőm̃|i, adj. long [time] [> Latin dum, some time]. -vi, adv. long, for a (very) long time, forever.
  • d050 dőrvo, lawn, sward; grass [plot].
  • d051 dős|a, calamity [> Telugu dosãgu, calamity]. -i, adj. calamitous. -o, plague.
  • d052 dőu|pa, t.v. muffle [> Greek δοῦπος, any heavy sound]. -flo, muffler. -pi, adj. muffled; ~po de̋bo, dull ache. -po, muffled sound.
  • d053 dűű|a, i.v. set [of the sun or moon] [> Greek δύσις, setting of the sun]. -a, sunset, moonset; ~a̋s, at sunset. -o, sunset, moonset. -sűűle, setting sun. -ze̋e̋re, setting moon.
  • d054 dűűda, t.v. mention the name of [> Tamil tūr_u, blame].
  • d055 dűűl|a, 1. t.v. prick, prickle, sting, itch. 2. i.v. prick, prickle, sting, itch [> Teluga dūla, itch]. -i, adj. tickling, prickling, stinging, prickly; sharp, pungent. -o, prick, prickle, sting, itch.
  • d056 dűű|ra, t.v. forgive, pardon, excuse, spare, absolve [from, éha]; mum ~ro, excuse-, pardon-, -me. -ri, adj. forgiving. -ro, excuse. -r̈a, forgiveness, pardon, absolution. -r̨i, adj. forgivable, pardonable, excusable.
  • d057 dű|ba, t.v. have skill in, know how to, be cut out for [> Mongolian dẏi, skill]. -bi, adj. skilled, talented, competent. -vkalþűka, tour de force. -vlu, artist, artisan; adept. -vra, art, skill, knack, know-how, talent.
  • d058 dű|da, t.v. club [> Tamil tuṭṭu-ttaṭi, short club]. -ðlo, club; clapper [of a bell].
  • d059 dűl|a, i.v. hesitate [> English tilt]. -i, adj. hesitant. -ra, hesitation.
  • d060 dúna, postp. before, by, no later than, of, to.
  • d061 dűp|a, 1. t.v. nest. 2. i.v. nest, nestle. -o, nest.
  • affx dus-, adj. mis-, dis- [> English dys-].
  • affx duska̋a̋|a, t.v. dislike. -ra, dislike.
  • affx dúslatől|i, adj. disadvantageous. -mi, adj. disadvantaged, poor. -ra, disadvantage.
  • affx dusőő|lu, unbeliever, miscreant, heretic. -i, adj. incredulous. -ta, heresy, disbelief, incredulity, incredulousness.
  • affx dusne̋uda, t.v. disavail.
  • affx duspőr|i, adj. dishonest. -e̋k=a, t.v. bribe. =o, bribe. -ta, dishonesty.
  • affx dusre̋e̋da, dishearten, break-, crush-, the spirit of.
  • affx dussı̋ta, t.v. misrepresent.
  • affx dusta̋ða, 1. t.v. misinterpret. 2. i.v. misinterpret.
  • affx dust̬e̋e̋|a, t.v. neglect, disregard, ignore; slight; ~e, never mind! -i, adj. neglectful, negligent. -ra, negligence, neglect, disregard.
  • affx dusxe̋ȝa, t.v. disinherit.
  • affx duszı̋na, t.v. malform.
  • d062 dű|ta, t.v. accede to, comply with, gratify, grant [a wish]; humor. -ti, adj. obliging, accommodating, complaisant; compliant, yielding, indulgent. -þra, compliance, complaisance, indulgence.
  • d063 dűza, i.v. trip, patter.
  • d064 d̬a̋a̋a, i.v. run forward [> English durable].
  • d065 d̬|ő, adj. two, twain [> English two]. -a̋h=a, two day period. =mi, adj. two-days-old. -a̋nm̃i, adj. last but one, penultimate. -a̋zm̃i, adj. bicuspid. -dı̋l=a, biennium. =mi, adj. two-years-old. =m̃i, adj. biennial, every two years. -d̬o, adv. two by two, two at a time. -e̋ið=mi, adj. two-months-old. =m̃i, adj. bimonthly, every two months. -i̋ntu, twin. -o, duo, twosome, duad, twain. -óbegűgi, adj. convex. -ós, adv. twice. -őta, dualism, duality. -őti, adj. second. -ożőőn=u, bisexual, hermaphrodite. =i, adj. bisexual, hermaphroditic.
d̬i-, combining form before consonants followed by a front vowel. -ca̋=ta, 1. t.v. duel. 2. i.v. duel. =to, duel. =þlu, duelist. -dı̋l=a, biennium. =mi, adj. two-years-old. =m̃i, adj. biennial, every two years. -ga̋a̋ilu, duet, duo. -ga̋a̋m=i, adj. double, twofold, dual, binal, binary, binate. =vi, adv. doubly. -ȝe̋ki, adj. bilingual. -kı̋ı̋a, t.v. duplicate. -k̬e̋so, pannier. -ma̋nmi, adj. two-handed. -m̃e̋ð=a, bigamy. =a̋a̋gu, bigamist. =i, adj. bigamous. -pe̋d=e, biped. =i, adj. bipedal, two-footed. -saþdı̋li, adj. bicentennial. -se̋ka, t.v. bisect. -sı̋ı̋mlo, scissors. -te̋e̋rmi, adj. bicolor(ed), dichromatic. -t̬a̋lo, adj. binocular.
  • comp d̨aƣsa̋a̋r̈a, ichthyology [< d̨a̋ƣe, fish; sa̋a̋r̈a, knowledge].

total: 65/54+2/86%