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Pronunciation table

p b f v m t d þ ð ɫ l ż s z r n k g x ƣ h ȝ š i e a ǫ o u ĭ ĕ ŭ
/p/ /b/ /ɸ/ /β/ /m̥/ /m/ /t/ /d/ /θ/ /ð/ /l̥/ /l/ /ʦ/ /ʣ/ /s/ /z/ /ɾ̥/ /n/ /k/ /g/ /ç/ /ʝ/ /j̊/ /j/ /sʷ/ /sʲ/ /i/ /e/ /ä/ /ɒ/ /o/ /u/ /ɪ/ /ɛ/ /ʊ/


lat grk cyr arm geo dev gla run tng heb arb kat hir han
þ θ თ̇ թ̇ د ת
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  1. affx = affix, either a prefix or a suffix, e.g., -þi, adv. suffix at [a place].
  2. comp = compound of two or more words, e.g., þe̋e̋se, lamb + ǧı̋ı̋no, hide = þees|ǧı̋ı̋no, lambskin .
  3. derv = a word derived from a root, e.g., þűft̬i, expectorant < þűfa, t.v., expectorate; -t̬i, noun suffix used to indicate a substance used to perform the action expressed by the verb].
  4. Words in red indicate an object or concept that did not exist in Sefdaania.
  5. At the end of each alphabetic section is a legend, e.g., Total: 48/37+2/81%. This means that there are 48 root words (lemmata) of which 37 are verbs and two are adjectives which can be treated as stative verbs. The last number means that 81% percent of the vocabulary is verbs.


  • þ001 þa̋a̋|la, t.v. seduce [ > Korean tallä-, seduce]. -lra, seduction. –l̤u, seducer.
  • þ002 þáf|a, postp. (all) about, (all) over, around, through(out) [> Japanese tṑr-, go through]. -da̋mo, plague. -ka̋þa,t.v. permeate. -o, vicinity, environs, surroundings, environment, milieu. -u, adv. around.
  • þ003 þa̋ga, t.v. unfasten [> Japanese tők-, unfasten].
  • þ004 þa̋|ȝa, i.v. float [in the wind], stream [of hair], sway. -ira, undulation. -ȝi, adj. undulating, undulatory; fickle, inconstant, flighty, wavering.
  • þ005 þa|ka, t.v. fix, repair, mend, darn, cobble; reduce [a fracture] [> Japanese tsuku-ró, repair]. -ko, repair. -k̨i, adj. fixable, reparable, mendable; reducible.
  • þ006 þa̋|la, t.v. honor, award. -la, postp. in honor of. -laþu, honoree. -lðe̋e̋o, place-, seat-, of honor. –lfe̋e̋to, honorary title. -li, adj. honorary. –lȝa̋a̋l=a, ambition. =i, adj. ambitious. -lo, honor, award. -lu, person of honor, gentleman, lady. -lra, honor [the virtue]; ~am vűƣa, i.v. apologize. -lsa̋m̃o, word of honor. -lsűűűűnus, retinue. -lše̋tu, guest of honor. –żuumta̋a̋ino, cenotaph. –l̨i, adj. honorable.
  • þ007 þa̋|ma, 1. t.v. pay, remunerate, disburse, expend. 2. i.v. pay [> Evenki tama, pay]. -ma̋a̋gu, paymaster. -ma, payment, disbursement, expense, expenditure, remuneration. –maþu, payee. –mlu, payer. -mm̃i, adj. remunerative. –mm̃exle̋ża, payroll. -mővlo, pay raise. -mo, pay, payment, salary, wage. -mm̨i, adj. payable.
  • þ008 þa̋n|a, t.v. chronicle. –lu, chronicler. –o, chronicle.
  • þ009 þa̋n|go, mother-of-pearl, nacre [> Turkish tanĭ-, (get to) know]. -ɠőőni, adj. made of mother-of-pearl.
  • þ010 þa̋pa, i.v. frolic, gambol, caper [> Japanese ta-waké-, frolic].
  • þ011 þa̋|se, animal, beast; fig. rude person [> Turkish tosun, bull calf]. -sa̋a̋ko, zoo. -si, adj. animal; bestial, beastly; fig. rude. -sle̋e̋gu, veterinary. –smő=do, zodiac. =di, adj. zodiacal. =ðne̋uo, sign of the zodiac. -s̈a̋a̋r=a, zoology. =a̋a̋gu, zoologist. –ss̨őṡo, wildlife refuge.
  • þ012 þe̋e̋l|a, i.v. sober up, come to one’s senses [> Mongolian telere-, sober up]. –i, adj. sober. –ta, sobriety.
  • þ013 þe̋e̋r|a, t.v. dung, manure, fertilize. -gűmo, dung-, -heap, -hill, midden. -o, dung, manure.
  • þ014 þe̋e̋x|a, t.v. rest-, be based-, be founded-, depend-, -on, come down to [> Evenki tekēn, foundation]. -a, postp. based-, depending-, -on. -e̋so, element. –i, adj. basic, rudimentary, fundamental, founded, just, sound. –o, foundation, base, basis; rudiments, fundamentals, groundwork. –ra, base, foundation. -ta̋a̋ino, foundation stone.
  • comp þees|ǧı̋ı̋no, lambskin [þe̋e̋se, lamb; ǧı̋ı̋no, hide]. -m̃a̋lto, lamb's wool [m̃a̋lto, wool].
  • þ015 þe̋b|a, i.v. take a turn [> Japanese tabí, turn]. –o, turn.
  • þ016 þe̋f|a, t.v. wisp, bunch. -i, adj. tufted, bunchy. -o, tuft, bunch, wisp; fascicle. -ri, adj. flocculent.
  • comp þeƣža̋raþi, adj. confined to bed.
  • þ017 þe̋g|a, 1. t.v. put to bed, give rest to. 2. i.v. lie (down), rest, repose, be recumbent, crouch, go to bed, settle (down, in) [< þe̋go, bed]. -ƣra, rest. -ƣri, adj. restful.
  • þ018 þe̋k|a, t.v. bray, beat [paper], dash in pieces [ > Turkish tike, piece]. –o, torn piece.
  • þ019 þe̋ma, t.v. grope [> Evenki temi-, grope].
  • þ020 þe̋n|o, tomb, sepulcher [> Etruscan then, sepulcher]. –i, sepulchral.
  • þ021 þe̋r|a, i.v. shave the head. -i, adj. bald, unfledged. -ta, baldness.
  • affx -þi, adv. suffix at [a place] [> Etruscan thi, locative suffix].
  • þ022 þı̋a, t.v. cram, stuff, fill [a pipe] [> Turkish </u>tı</u>ka-, stuff into].
  • þ023 þı̋f|a, 1. t.v. distance (from, ápo). 2. i.v. recede (from, ápo) [> Japanesse tṑ-, far]. –áp=a, postp. far away from. =i, adj. faraway. -ge̋n=a, 1. t.v. teleport. 2. i.v. teleport. =ra, teleportation. =lo, teleporter. -i, adj. far (off), distant, remote, removed, distal, tele-. –ȝe̋xlo, telephone. -me̋iþlo, remote control. -na̋a̋=ki, farsighted. =xlo, television. =xta, farsightedness. -pe̋ulo, telescope, spy-glass. -ra, distance, prospect, vista, perspective. -ta, farness, distance, range, remoteness. –ű=ti, adj. telepathic. =tu, telepath. =þta, presentiment, telepathy. –vi, adv. afar.
  • affx -þim, adv. suffix to [a place].
  • þ024 þı̋m|a, i.v. make a noise. -i, adj. noisy. -o, noise.
  • þ025 þı̋|ra, t.v. lead, head, be at the top of, entitle, caption. -ri, adj. head; -headed, -cephalous. -ro, heading, chapter.
  • affx -þis, adv. suffix from [a place].
  • þ026 þi̋|xa, 1. t.v. hate, detest, disagree with [of food]. 2. i.v. hate [> Turkish tiksin-, hate]. –xmi, adj. repugnant, antipathetic, disgusting. -xra, hate, hatred, enmity; repugnance, antipathy, aversion, disgust. –xri, adj. hateful, odious. -x̨i, adj. detestable, damned.
  • þ027 þőőr|a, t.v. tower> Koreab tarak, tower].
  • þ028 þőő|sa, 1. t.v. oppose, face. 2. i.v. oppose, face. -sa, postp., contrary to, from, into, on, against, opposed to, opposite (to), over against, up, with, counter-. -sa̋ṡ=a, 1. t.v. contradict, counter, rebut, object. 2. i.v. dissent (from, ápa). =o, contradiction, rebuttal, objection. -sda̋a̋ra, thwart, foil, frustrate. -sdilȝı̋k=o, antonym. =i, adj. antonymous. –s̈uula̋mż=i, adj. counter-clockwise, widdershins. =u, adv. counterclockwise. -si, adj. opposite, facing; contrary, adverse (to, méta), counter-. -slu, opponent, adversary. -sƣa̋a̋ȝo, antiphon. -sra, opposition. -su, adv. opposite, face to face, facing, vis-á-vis, contrarily, rather, on the other hand. -sv̌e̋e̋to, antipodes.
  • þ029 þőőx|a, 1. t.v. belie. 2. i.v. (tell a) lie [> Turkish tokuš-, knock]. –i, adj. mendacious. –lu, liar. –o, lie.
  • þ030 þők|a, t.v. knock, rap, bang, punch. –o, knock, blow, bang, punch.
  • þ031 þől|a, t.v. bridge, span, straddle, bestraddle [> Korean tari, bridge]. –a, postp. on both sides, astride, astraddle.
  • þ032 þőm|i, adj. poor, meager, sparse, scanty, scarce; low in content [> Japanese toboshí, scarce]. -ta, poorness, meagerness, sparseness, scantiness, scarcity.
  • þ033 þőn|a, 1. t.v. help, aid, assist, succor. 2. i.v. help, aid, assist. –a, postp. with the-, -help-, -assistance-, -of. -i, adj. helpful, auxiliary. -lu, helper, aide, assistant. -o, help, aid, assistance, succor. –ża̋a̋ro, cry for help.
  • þ034 þőr|a, 1. t.v. legislate, pass [a law], enact (into law). 2. i.v. legislate [> Japanese toto-nó-, in order]. –dőőlu, lawgiver. –i, adj. legal, forensic; sound. –ı̋ȝo, code. –ȝa̋flu, scofflaw. –m=a, legislation. =i, adj. legislative. -m̃=i, adj. legal, lawful, statutory, legitimate, just. =ĕta, legality, lawfulness, legitimacy. –na̋m̃lu, policeman. –lu, legislator. -o, law, statute, ordinance, precept, enactment, charter. –te̋e̋lu, lawsayer.
  • þ035 þűűn|i, adj. glum, gloomy, morose, dour, saturnine. -ta, [> Turkish tün, night] glumness, gloominess, moroseness, dourness; dead [of winter].
  • derv þűft̬i, expectorant [< þűfa, t.v. expectorate; -t̬i, noun suffix used to indicate a substance used to perform the action expressed by the verb].
  • þ036 þű|ka, 1. t.v. work out, complete, finish (off), bring to a close, terminate, adjourn, break off, consummate, elaborate, succeed, carry (out), fill-, -out, -in, get through, fulfill, accomplish, keep [a promise]. 2. i.v. finish, terminate, elaborate, be over, get through; sup. + ~, have just [> Turkish tẏken-, come to an end]. –ki, adj. over. –xra, finishing touch, termination, elaboration, consummation, fulfillment, accomplishment.
  • þ037 þűl|a, 1. t.v. shake, agitate, make vibrate. 2. i.v. shake, agitate. -ra, agitation, vibration.
  • þ038 þű|ma, t.v. understand, comprehend, know-, -well, -about, grasp, apprehend, figure out, fathom [> Japanese tsumőr, intend]. -mra, understanding, comprehension, apprehension. -m̨i, adj. intelligible, understandable, comprehensible, apprehensible, coherent.
  • þ039 þűn, adj. one, mono-, uni- [> Etruscan thu(n), one]. -a̋hi, adj. lasting one day, ephemeral. -dı̋li, adj. one year old. -k̨őri, adj. primary. -me̋ni, adj. unanimous, at one, of one mind. -m̃e̋ð=a, monogamy. =i, adj. monogamous. -o, monad, unit; ace. -pe̋l=i, adj. simple, single, singular. =ta, simplicity, singleness. -s, adv. once; ṡéx~, once more. -ta̋a̋ino, monolith. -ta, unity, oneness, union. -te̋e̋ri, adj. monochromic, monochromatic, unicolor. -t=i, adj. first, proto-. =tĕdı̋ı̋ti, adj. primeval. =tĕle̋uka, daybreak. =tĕpe̋ṡe, shearling. =tĕże̋na, primogeniture. =tĕżenȝűm̃o, right of primogeniture. =tĕże̋ňaþu, first-born. -tu, adv. first (of all). -t̬a̋lmi, adj. one-eyed. -zı̋n=i, adj. uniform, unvaried, monotonous. =ta, uniformity, monotony.
  • þ040 þű|pa, t.v. punish, chastise. –flu, punisher, scourge. -fše̋e̋va, impunity. -pi, adj. penal, punitive. -po, punishment, penalty. -ƥi, adj. punishable.
  • derv þűslu, smith [þűsa, i.v. hammer; -lu, agentive suffix on verbs]. -þűslu, noun suffix used to name a person who works with the metal named in the noun base, e.g., sa̋rno, gold; sárnĕþűslu, goldsmith.
  • þ041 þűv|a, 1. t.v. exercise sovereignty over. 2. i.v. exercise sovereignty. -lu, sovereign.
  • þ042 þ̨a̋la, 1. t.v. overflow. 2. i.v. overflow, flow over [> Turkish taš-, overflow].
  • þ043 þ̨a̋ra, 1. t.v. thaw. 2. i.v. thaw [> Japanese tòroke-, melt].
  • þ044 þ̨a̋x|a, t.v. employ, exploit, serve for [> Japanese tsùka-, use]. –aþu, employee. -i, adj. useful, serviceable. -lu, employer.
  • þ045 þ̨őf|a, t.v. cover-, fill with-, -straw, thatch [> Japanese čip, straw]. -ðe̋iho, adobe. –o, straw, thatch.
  • þ046 þ̨űűr|u, i.v. meet an obstacle [> Turkish tɨrkaz, obstruction]. -o, obstacle.
  • þ047 þ̨űda, era (26,000 years; the mythical length of time from the creation of one of the loquent beings to the next) [ > Japanese itsúmo, always].
  • þ048 þ̨űf|a, t.v. hoof, trample [> Turkish toynak, hoof]. -me, ungulate. -mi, adj. hoofed, ungual.

Total: 48/37+2/81%