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Risevne, officially known as the Kingdom of Risevne, is a country situated in the northern Elaspegian Ocean, south of the continent of Noma and west of the large continent of Osonde. A wholly insular country, its territory comprises nearly 2,300 islands, including the two islands of Masalne and Agalmare (collectively known as the Main or Home Islands); its total area is 315,200 square kilometres, and its national population is estimated at 93,665,200.

The islands which comprise the country are estimated to have been inhabited for nearly 32,000 years, and the south of the island of Masalne was home to settlements akin to towns from as early as 6,000 BDN. In the immediate aftermath of the DN Event the people of the islands, known variously as Marsil or Mirsel, became one of the great seafaring powers, raiding coasts as far afield as Osonde in the west. Risevne is home to the oldest extant constitutional monarchy, this governmental system being established in 1477 at the Matafengar.

At present Risevne is one of the richest and most influential countries in the world, often cited as being one of the "Five Powers": Risevne, Iruze, Henimara, Kaidun and Erinedis. Economically it is one of the most advanced countries in the world, while it also wields considerable military and political weight, especially in its navy which is by tonnage the largest in the world.

Geography and Climate

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The Monarch

Prime Minister


The Afengar, literally meaning "Assembly" in Mirselec, is the term used for the parliament of Risevne.


Administrative Subdivisions

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Culture and Society

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