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Note that this diacritic may be confused with dot below ◌̣ or square below ◌̻ (U+033B), especially in small font sizes.

Ring Below in Unicode

Characters with Ring Below
˳ ◌̥
U+02F3 U+0325 U+1E00 U+1E01
Modifier Letter Low Ring Combining Ring Below Latin Capital Letter A With Ring Below Latin Small Letter A With Ring Below

Ring Below in Natlangs

Uses of Ring Below
Usage Language Letters Notes
Syllabic consonant ISO 15919 romanization of Indic scripts L̥l̥ /l̩/, L̥̄l̥̄ /l̩ː/, R̥r̥ /r̩/, R̥̄r̥̄ /r̩ː/ None of these letters are precomposed.

Ring Below in Phonetic Transcriptions

Uses of Ring Below
Use Transcription system Notes
Voiceless phoneme International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) Can be replaced by ring above if the base letter has a descender.[1]

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  1. International Phonetic Alphabet, Diacritics at Wikipedia.