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This is a protoconlang, not to be confused with the hypothetical, reconstructed Proto-Altaic. Cf. Earth'.

Approx -5ka.

Labial Dental /
Velar Uvular
Plain Labialized Plain Labialized
Voiceless stops p t ʈ k q
Voiced stop b
Fricativs f s ʂ ~ ʃ
Nasals m n
Approximants l ɽ j w

[ʃ] occurs before front vowels, [ʂ] elsewhere.

CV(N), maybe other codas too?

/NN Nf Nl/ do not occur. /ʈ/ does not occur initially and has been argued to have rather been /d ~ ɖ/.

Vowels come in a set of nine: /i ɪ e ɛ a ɔ o ʊ u/ plus the semi-difthongs /ej aj aw ow/ (/ɛj ɔj/ have also been proposed by these are much less secure). Some reconstructible alternations between the "lax" /ɪ ɛ ɔ ʊ/ and "tense" /i e o u/ occur, for the mid vowels in several cases conditioned by the presence of a following /a/.

Splits to Proto-West Altaic' and Proto-East Altaic' around -4.5ka.