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Nise ke Tasanuri, Alinan ta Harusa (June 8, 1429 - November 15, 1493) is a Risevan politician who served as the Naruganize of the kingdom of Masal from 1471 to 1477, and as the Naruganize of the unified Kingdom of Risevne from 1477 to his death. Widely regarded as one of the greatest statesmen and administrators in Risevan history, his efforts helped secure the unity of the Kingdom, and to a large extent kept it unified against the later pressures from disaffected former rulers; at the same time he advocated unification with the neighbouring island of Agalmare, his efforts setting the foundation for the eventual union to be signed just nine years after his death in 1502.

As the prime advisor of King Sarus I for 22 years, Nise ke Tasanuri remains the longest serving Naruganize of Risevne; as modern laws only allot a maximum of three 5-year terms for the Naruganize, it is unlikely that this record will be equalled or surpassed. Known as a shrewd judge of character, as well as a great admirer of talent, he is best known for forming the first Royal Council to serve as advisors to the King and a counterbalance to the power of the Afengar. At the same time he was also a great advocate of education, and made several donations to important universities within the nation.

Childhood and Youth

Start of Political Career

In 1448, at the young age of 19, Nise ke Tasanuri was first recommended to the royal court of Masal by a friend of his father's; King Nimodas II commented that "he was of slow but deep thought; needing time for contemplation more than his peers, he invariably could give better answers than them."

"The King's Right Hand"

Ascension to Chancellorship

The Matafengar

Later Career and the Agalmare Problem

Personal and Family Life

Tasanuri is known to have married twice; the first marriage was in 1451, to a woman of the Imigul family, while the second was to Tilun ke Noman uli Tasanuri, daughter of famed Masalan general Hedete ke Noman, in 1465. By all accounts the first marriage was a relatively happy one, and Tasanuri is reputed to have requested resignation twice upon the death of his wife in 1462, only to be rejected both times. The second marriage was more of political convenience than love, and Tasanuri was 14 years older than his wife.

Of the first marriage Tasanuri had five children, three sons: Alnis, Kenero and Estani, and two daughters: Naisa and Suya. Of the second two more sons were born, Avgoma and Nigasar.

Legacy and Impact

Presently there are many memorials to Tasanuri's name; many cities across Risevne have a "Tasanuri Road" or a "Nise Road", the most famous ones being the Tasanuri Boulevard, Bresnga, which stretches through the commercial centre of Bresnga and is one of its busiest and best known roads, as well as Tasanuri Boulevard, Isana, which runs from the East Bay southwards to the Belegras Dockyards and has undergone extensive renovation with the renovation of the Docks. In Isana the Unification Memorial Park, situated around King Sarus I Square also has two statues of him, one along the memorial avenue where he stands on the right of King Sarus I, and another on the field of the gathering itself, where he is shown leaning towards the King as if to advise him.

Tasanuri College, University of Isana, as well as Tasanuri House of the University of Hesurimon, are named after him as well.