Minor Lenian languages

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These are ordered roughly west-to-east.

Cappini languages

Proto-Cappini was identical with Baywatch, but was grouped with the others for political reasons.


Bilabials:       p   m           b   
Alveolars:       t   n   s   l   r     

And the vowels were /a e i o u/ in both short and long forms. The geminates /pp ss tt/ occurred, and there were sound gaps of */te so bo lo ro/, except in a few rare words where contraction of long vowels before geminates had created new short vowels there.

Cappini to Poise

This was the language spoken in Poise.

  1. The alveolars t n shifted to k ŋ before any of /o u/.
    This shift was added in the assumption that the language would be taking in many loans from Oyster languages, but if this is not the case, this shift does not create any new phonemes and can be ignored.
  2. Any singleton s disappeared to Ø.
  3. The geminates pp ss tt kk shifted to p s t k.

Cappini to Wineapple

This was the language spoken in Olansele.

  1. The alveolars t n shifted to k ŋ before any of /o u/.

Other languages

The states of Ládara, Etatăni, Halaspa, Pumpkin, and Pointer did not have their own languages.

Para-Birch languages

Bilabials:        p   m   f   w           
Alveolars:        t   n   s   l   
Postalveolars:            š   y                                  
Velars:           k   ŋ   h   g   

There were four vowels, and the diphthongs /ai əi au əu/. The tone system was à/ă/ā and the schwa only occurred on the low tone.

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