Manner of articulation

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Broad category Manner of articulation Subtypes Examples Phonological character
Stop Nasal stop m, n, ŋ Sonorant
Plosive Implosive ɓ, ɗ, ɠ
Explosive p, b, t, d, k, g, q, ʔ Obstruent
Affricate ts, dz
Continuant Fricative Sibilant "Sharp" s, z
"Shibilant" ʃ, ʒ, ʂ, ʐ
Spirant Strident f, v, χ, ʁ, ʜ, ʢ
"Thibilant" θ, ð, ɹ̝
Other ɸ, β, ɬ, ɮ, x, ɣ
Approximant Semivowel j, ɰ, w Sonorant
"Approximant spirant" ʋ
Liquid Approximant liquid ɹ, ɻ, l, ɭ
Vibrant Trill ʙ, r, ʀ
Tap, Flap [[Labiodental flap|Template:B\]], ɾ, ɽ, ɺ

The fricative sub-classification can be also applied to affricates.

Nasality, laterality, clickness etc. are, technically, largely independant of this scheme. Note however that nasal are usually stops, and that laterals are most commonly approximant liquids.