Lein Durun berHikas

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Lein Durun berHikas, the Exalted Progenitor was the first Tairazun and founder of the Lein Dynasty. Born to the House of the Lein, a powerful aristocratic family in the north, he led a revolt against the reigning Hara Dynasty, owing to a dispute over annual tributes which resulted in the execution of several family members, and after nine years of war managed to supplant the Hara Dynasty with his own house.

Besides being the founding Tairazun of the dynasty, Lein Durun is also extremely significant to the history of the Tarakasane as a whole, in terms of his role in centralising the dynasty and bringing an end to the semi-feudal imperial system that previous Tarakasa dynasties had embraced. This general policy of centralisation, rather than delegation of lands to relatives for administration, would set in motion a process culminating in the massive reforms of the Four Great Tairazunen, and especially Lein Sora berAthain.