Karelne ta Hyerisa

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Karelne ta Hyerisa, literally meaning "Era of [the] Kingdoms" in Mirselec, is a period in Risevan history commonly cited to have lasted from around the fifth century, when the large kingdoms of Masal and Rarena were founded within a decade of each other, up to the 13th century DN when the two kingdoms merged (to be exact, in 1249 DN). While this period takes the two best-known kingdoms in the south as a centre, the era can arguably be said to have lasted all the way until the fifteenth century when the term Masalne, land of Masal, was extended to the entire island for the first time.

The age was one of endemic warfare and economic struggle, as the climatic changes brought about by the DN Event began to fade and civilisation began colonising the northern areas of Masalne again. As the last of the Hesgarigani kingdoms faded and were absorbed by their hinterland cultures around this period, the competition for resources and power turned inwards, towards the sparsely settled areas in the north, as well as neighbouring Agalmare, which soon became embroiled in the struggles as well.