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The Ibakizaro, meaning "advancement" in Mirselec, is often used by Risevan historians to denote a period between the 1830s to the 1870s during which Risevne underwent massive social and cultural change as it opened up to the modern world and began a campaign of industrialisation and national strengthening. Other terms for the period include Larmi Nisor ta Kortagan (literally "The reign of the three kings Nisor"), since the period is covered by the reign of King Nisor III (1827 - 1844), King Nisor IV (1844 - 1866), and King Nisor V (1866 - 1892]].


The Advancement Movement

The New Laws

Industrialisation and Diplomacy

The First Global War

Impacts and Effects

The impacts of the Ibakizaro on Risevan society are both immense in depth and very widespread. Rapid industrialisation turned the country into an industrial power on par with some of the most powerful nations in the world at the time, but also put immense strain on society and its structures.