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Cardial is a language family created by Spinovenator. The Cardial languages represent descendants of the language of Cardium pottery culture or Cardial impressed culture of Neolithic Mediterranean Europe. Originally these languages were spoken by farmers that carrying Y-DNA haplogroup G2a, distantly related to the Kartvelian and Midrean languages.

This idea was born on the assumption that the Cardium pottery culture was a culture with good maritime skills and that it was linked to a culture of its own and was not just a cultural movement of southern Europe. This original language is known as Proto-Cardial.

Diachronic evolution of languages

Cardial languages are postulated to evolve from a period of a dialectal continuum, so that the relationship between languages could not be fully understood had it not been for their relatives with the surrounding tongues through contact time.

  • Proto-Cardial
  • South I
  • South II
  • South III
  • South Italian I
  • South Italian II
  • South Italian III
  • Sicilian I
  • Sicilian II
  • Sicilian III
  • Tunisian I (Influenced by: Sardinian II)
  • Tunisian II
  • Tunisian III
  • Libian I?
  • Libian II?
  • Libian III?
  • Sardinian I
  • Sardinian II
  • Sardinian III
  • Corsican I
  • Corsican II
  • Corsican III
  • North I
  • North II
  • North III
  • North Italian I (Influenced by: South Italian I)
  • North Italian II
  • North Italian II
  • Alpine I?
  • Alpine II?
  • Alpine II?
  • French I (Influenced by: Corsican II)
  • French II
  • French III
  • Spanish I
  • Spanish II
  • Spanish III
  • Tartessian I (Influenced by: Tunisian II)
  • Tartessian II
  • Tartessian III
  • Atlantic I (Influenced by: South Portugal II)
  • Atlantic II (Influenced by: North Portugal II)
  • Atlantic III
  • South Portugal I (Influenced by: Tartessian II)
  • South Portugal II
  • South Portugal III
  • North Portugal I
  • North Portugal II
  • North Portugal III

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