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Homu was the earliest conlang project of Jörg Rhiemeier, some time in his early teens (ca. 1980-1982). Homu is not actually the name of the language - it never had one - but the language's word for 'human being (of any sex)' and stands in for the non-existing name of the language. The language was meant as an international auxiliary language and never saw any significant development. Basically, it was planned to use Latin lexemes; the only bit of grammar ever worked out (or remembered) is a gender system in which nouns referring to male beings ended in -o, nouns referring to female beings ended in -a, and nouns of generic sex and nouns for things to which no sex could be ascribed ended in -u. (Obviously, the endings are inspired by Romance languages.) This led to triads such as:

  • homo 'male human being'
  • homa 'female human being'
  • homu 'human being (of either sex)'

This gender system was similar to that of Novial (which the author was unaware of back then), and those of his later conlangs Serindian and Old Albic.

Jörg's next attempt at a conlang was Serindian, ca. 1985.