Histari Culture

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The Histari Culture is a paleolithic to neolithic culture in present-day Risevne, concentrated around the coastline of Serteni Province and across the Gana Strait to Velimik Province. The oldest site of theirs has been dated to around 12,000 BDN, while the latest known site is around 5,500 BDN.

Characteristics of the Histari Culture include cave-dwelling and pit burial; some pits were especially elaborate and were topped with mounds. More than 630 such pits have been excavated, and in nearly three quarters of them - especially the later tombs - there are slabs of stone, shaped like gingko leaves. This symbol has since been taken to be a unique characteristic of the Histari Culture until subsequent excavations of Narusgerya Culture sites revealed the use of such shaped stone pieces as well. This has led to a theory linking the two civilisations.