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Hirsa remis, literally meaning "Port Area" in Mirselec, is one of the ten areas of Isana; situated along the southeastern coast, it is mostly commercial in character, and in the present day is dominated by the Port of Isana as well as the newer districts of Belegras Dockyards, Henoris Wharf and Henoris Extension, to which many of the major financial firms of the country have moved.

Site and Situation

Practically the entire south coast of Isana east of Gardaus Bay is part of Hirsa remis, forming an area that came into its own first as an anchorage for ships too large to enter Gardaus Bay Harbour, and then as a port for offloading items such as food, destined for the large wholesale markets like Benesda Market; the district stretches inland to include the South Coast Expressway, and the surrounding areas.

Formerly centred around the port, Hirsa remis underwent a massive change with the vacating of nearly two-thirds of the port area as most port functions were moved out to Bresnga, with its new port on Orimasurna. The redevelopment of the area took nearly two decades, during which it was often derided as a failed scheme to turn around a dying neighbourhood; in the 2010s, however, the area now known as the Belegras Dockyards opened, and since then the turnaround has indeed occurred. Modern-day Hirsa remis, while still retaining much of its industry especially in the eastern areas, is also a much more diversified residential and commercial area.




Constituent Districts

Hirsa remis is divided into 6 main districts, numbered from west to east except for Henoris Extension, which being the newest reclaimed area is District E2-6 even though it is the westernmost. These districts are:

Significant buildings and sites