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Hinegaes remis, literally meaning "Eastern Boundary" in Mirselec, is an area in the Risevan capital of Isana, situated along the border of the city with Feladmena Province. It is the newest district of the city, having been split from parts of Garnoye remis and Waranyebara remis in 1968.

The area that is now Hinegaes was not part of the city until around 1924, when the eastward movement of industries spread into this area; as the new port at Hirsa remis was completed the area underwent farther transformation into a large industrial centre. Modern day Hinegaes still retains this legacy, as its southern half is mostly industrial areas comprising the bulk of manufacturing in Isana; however extensive efforts to make the area cleaner and greener have also paid off, and most people even in Isana do not know the area is an industrial district.

Site and Situation

The shape of Hinegaes remis follows the West Coast Highway that stretches down the coast of Masalne island, and development centres around the four large expressway junctions where the city highways of Isana meet the trunk highway. Stretching in a belt to encompass the entire boundary between Isana and Feladmena Province, its developments are mostly centred around the four major intersections where the city expressways meet the trunk highway. Hinegaes is more industrial in character than any other district in Isana, with the manufacturing plants concentrated around the south and southeast while the north is more residential.

The Green Belt is the best-known feature of city planning in Hinegaes remis; several large parkland areas are linked by long park connectors built around former sections of irrigation canals and ponds, roughly following the course of the West Coast Highway and stretching for nearly the entire length of the remis. This forms the largest parkland area in the entire city, and its relative quiet makes it a favourite weekend outing spot for Isanani.




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