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Most of these links are to digitized, somewhat dated texts which have passed into the Public Domain and been uploaded to the Internet Archive, which are still perfectly good, or perhaps because of their datedness even better, as fodder for conlanging. They are offered in many file formats. Follow the "All Files: http" link to download. The b/w PDF, if available, is best for printout. The OCRed .txt version is full of errors but still good for searching!

Germanic historical grammars, phonologies and (etymological) dictionaries available on the Internet

Abriss der altisländischen Grammatik - Noreen, Adolf, 1854-1925

Abriss der urgermanischen Lautlehre : mit besonderer Rücksicht auf die noridschen Sprachen - Noreen, Adolf, 1854-1925

Althochdeutsche grammatik - Braune, Wilhelm, 1850-1926

Anglo-Saxon and Old English Vocabularies - Thomas Wright

Here Old English = Middle English!

A comparative grammar of the Anglo-Saxon language: (1899)

in which its forms are illustrated by those of the Sanskrit, Greek, Latin, Gothic, Old Saxon, Old Friesic, Old Norse, and Old High-German - March, Francis Andrew, 1825-1911

A comparative grammar of the Teutonic languages.

Being at the same time a historical grammar of the English language. And comprising Gothic, Anglo-Saxon, Early English, Modern English, Icelandic (Old Norse), Danish, Swedish, Old High German, Middle High German, Modern German, Old Saxon, Old Frisian, Dutch - Helfenstein, Jacob

Die Wortbildung der englischen Sprache (Volume 1) - Koch, Friedrich, 1813-1872

Old English, ca. 450-1100 Word formation

Einführung in das althochdeutsche Laut- und Flexionslehre - Baesecke, Georg, 1876-

An Elementary Grammar of the Old Norse Or Icelandic Language - George Bayldon

An English-Anglo-Saxon vocabulary - Skeat, Walter W. (Walter William), 1835-1912

Good to have if you can't come by Wordcraft by Pollington, Stephen. Pinner Middlesex England: Anglo-Saxon, 1993. Print. ISBN 9781898281023.

An etymological dictionary of the English language - Skeat, Walter W. (Walter William), 1835-1912. comp

French elements in Middle English;

chapters illustrative of the origin and growth of romance influence on the phrasal power of standard English in its formative period - Sykes, Frederick Henry, 1863-1917

The Germanic Lexicon Project

Searchable Proto-Germanic, Gothic, Old English and Old Norse dictionaries. Click on the "Search" tab and make sure to follow the "Search help" link. NB you can search on modern English and modern German words!

Germanic philology (1913) by Loewe, Richard, b. 1863; Jones, John D

Germanische Sprachwissenschaft (1911) by Loewe, Richard, b. 1863

English translation elsewhere in this list

Germanische Sprachwissenschaft (1922) Volume 1 "Einleitung und Lautlehre" by Loewe, Richard, b. 1863

A Gothic grammar with selections for reading and a glossary - Braune, Wilhelm, 1850-1926

Grammar of the Gothic Language, and the Gospel of St. Mark: Selections from... - Joseph Wright

A Grammar of Proto-Germanic - Lehmann, Winfred P.

The historical development of the forms of the future tense in Middle High German -

Historical outlines of English sounds and Middle English grammar,

for courses in Chaucer, Middle English, and the history of the English language - Moore, Samuel, 1877-1934

An Icelandic Primer by Henry Sweet

Zipped LaTeX source

An introduction to Middle High German: being an outline of Middle High German grammar and... - Charles Pomeroy Otis

An introduction, phonological, morphological, syntactic, to the Gothic of Ulfilas - Douse, Thomas Le Marchant

The language of the Middle English bestiary; phonology and inflection - Hallbeck, Einar S

Includes bibliography

Lexicon poëticum antiquæ linguæ Septentrionalis - Sveinbjörn Egilsson, 1791-1852

A middle English vocabulary. By Tolkien!

Designed for use with Sisam's Fourteenth century verse and prose - Tolkien, J. R. R. (John Ronald Reuel), 1892-1973

A Middle High German Primer: With Grammar, Notes, and Glossary - Joseph Wright

A Middle-English dictionary : containing words used by English writers from the twelfth to the fifteenth century - Stratmann, F

Mittelalterlicher englisch-französischer Jargon - Albert, Hermann

Mittelhochdeutsche Grammatik - Paul, Hermann, 1846-1921

Novum glossarium latino-germanicum mediae et infimae aetatis :

Beiträge zur wissenschaftlichen Kunde der neulateinischen und der germanischen Sprachen - Diefenbach,

An Old English grammar - Sievers, Eduard, 1850-1932

Old English grammar - Wright, Joseph, 1855-1930

An Old High German primer, with grammar, notes, and glossary - Wright, Joseph, 1855-1930

Old-English phonology - Hempl, George, 1859-1921

Scandinavian loan-words in Middle English - Björkman, Erik, 1872-1919

Search for "English language/Old English" on the Internet Archive

A Short Historical English Grammar - Henry Sweet

A special class of mixed preterites in Middle High and modern German - Rhyne, Orestes Pearle,

The student's dictionary of Anglo-Saxon - Sweet, Henry, 1845-1912

Synopsis of Old English phonology,

being a systematic account of Old English vowels and consonants and their correspondences in the cognate languages - Mayhew, Anthony Lawson, 1842-

Übersichtstabellen zu Lautentsprechungen und zur Kasusbildung des Nomens und Adjektivs im Germanischen (1910) by Wood, Francis A. (Francis Asbury), 1859-* Urgermanisch, Vorgeschichte der altgermanischen Dialekte (1913) by Kluge, Friedrich, 1856-1926

Urgermanisch, Vorgeschichte der altgermanischen Dialekte - Kluge, Friedrich, 1856-1926

Utkast till föreläsningar i urgemansk judlära : med huvudsakligt avseende på de nordiska språken till den studerande ungdomens tjänst (1890) by Noreen, Adolf, 1854-1925

In Swedish. Hopefully someone besides me (BPJ) can read it!

Vergleichendes Wörterbuch der gothischen Sprache (Volume 1) - Diefenbach, Lorenz, 1806-1883

The vocalism of Romanic words in Chaucer, - Nöjd, Ruben, 1891-1960

Wortschatz der Germanischen Spracheinheit (1909) by Fick, Falk and Torp

A Proto-Germanic dictionary from the Germanic Lexicon project. The reconstructions are hopelessly dated but with a caveat emptor still good for conlanging, and the cognate lists are entirely good!