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garonnaus, limb aronnaus
Pronounced: /ˈlimb aruˈɲɔz/
Species: Human
Spoken: France (specifically in a ) and partially Spain
Total speakers: 100 thousand
Writing system: Latin
Genealogy: Indo-European languages
Morphological type: Fusional
Morphosyntactic alignment: Ergative–absolutive
Basic word order: SOV
Creator: Danisht Dzakwan
Daniel Willett
Created: November 2021

Garonnian (garonnaus), is a fictionally-constructed regional language intended to be spoken in France and Spain (specifically, in the region Nouvelle-Aquitaine, and autonomous communities Navarre and Aragon) made by an Indonesian pseudo-named Daniel Willett (in this wiki) in January 2022.


Unusually, Garonnian language forms an enclave of Sardinian vowel system, having unusual ergative–absolutive agreement, and bipersonal conjugation from Basque. If existed, Garonnian will have the most complex tense-aspect-mood combination, up to 1,689 forms, slightly more than that of Volapük and more than those of Portuguese.

From a cultural view, its speakers (Garonnians) are isolated peoples migrating from Alps to the coast of Bay of Gascony. The Garonnians also have a substantial Muslim minority from escapings of Reconquista (Garonnian: Reconquist), alongside the Christian majority. They originally have a separate country ruled by a monarchy, although for a while the Garonnians want to be annexed by France due to their mistrust to the monarchs.


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