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Infinitive/imperative form of the verbs "sen” (to be well) and "sin” (to see/meet again) have been defined as “short” greeting nouns, "sen" meaning "hallo" (“full” “sen.eş”: I wish you be well) to be used when people meet/phone and "sin" meaning "good by” (“full” “sin.eş”: I wish to see you again-to keep in touch) when separate.

No further greeting and courtesy words are defined. User can himself introduce such words as “good day, good luck” if he wishes by directly translating them from English or their native languages.

The addressing forms such as “mr., mrs., sir, madam, etc.” have no place in ABCL.

For Level 2 however, in accordance with simplicity requirement of ABCL, further phrases are defined as follows:

sen.eş hallo Literally: be well !
sin.eş see you (good by) keep in touch
dip o thank you
enöx welcome (unrequired) unnecessary
o to? how are you?
yit.eş please
(a) abu I’m fine
şe.min* best wishes (I wish you) the best
a bek I’m sorry** Happy New Year merry/holy “Holy Day”
edi.ben(ne) good luck
edi.ten good health

.* Being "min" is root verb for "wish" and "şe" is adjective "most", the full wish phrase would be: “A min.e o şe edi bangı.” meaning “I wish you the best things”. For greeting they will be merged to one word "şemin": This will be used as overall wishes for almost all situations like good luck, success, health, journey etc. (although I defined for good luck and health separate phrases for Level 2)

.** Although New Year means "cambe", only first syllable "cam" indicating the class "time" is taken and suffixed to "abu=happy" building one word for the sake of shortness and simplicity. The same apples also to the following phrases.