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Spoken in: unknown, by small furry beings
Timeline/Universe: unknown
Total speakers: unknown
Genealogical classification: Language isolate (non-human)


Created by:
Jörg Rhiemeier 2006

Flafi is a funlang by Jörg Rhiemeier. It is meant to be spoken by an unspecified race of small furry beings.


Flafi has a very small phoneme inventory: only two consonants and two vowels.


Labial Alveolar
Voiceless fricative f
Voiced lateral l

The only allowed consonant cluster, besides the geminates ff and ll, is fl, which, unlike the geminates, may occur initially. No final clusters or geminates.


Front Central
High i
Low a

Both vowels are unrounded.

Syllable structure

Maximally, CCVC.


Flafi is entirely isolating. Word order is OSV.

Sample text

Flafi lilaf flafi. -- Lilaf speak language.

Lilaf falaialal al fali. -- Lilaf live on (the) planet.


al locative particle; in, on.

falaialal n. land, planet.

fali v. exist, live.

flafi v. speak; n. language.

lilaf n. lilaf (a small furry being).