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Feladmena Province (Mirselec Feladmena denai), also known as Province 4, is a province of Risevne, occupying most of the Feladmena Plain south of the Ismade river and east of the Rushalya river. It borders Eonis Province to its east, Inezama Province to its south and southwest, Isana, Bresnga and Ngaba Province to its west, Horeston Province and Enimdanai Province to its north, and Taluste to its northeast. Its capital is the city of Bisuniya, which is also the fifth largest city in the country.

Owing to its central position, Feladmena Province is one of the most economically vibrant and most populated provinces in all Risevne. Crisscrossed by highways and high-speed railways, it is a major transportation node for the whole nation, and especially for the Ibretal built up area; most of the smaller cities which link up the three great cities of Isana, Bresnga and Taluste lie within Feladmena.


The topography of Feladmena is mostly flat; indeed the term felad means "level", and so Feladmena literally means "flat plain". Hilly areas, most of which have been the focus of efforts at reforestation, do exist, mostly in the east and northeast near the city of Taluste; from this region several small rivers feed out into the Rushalya.

The Rushalya river is the dominant waterway in the region, but owing to the flat terrain most of the rivers in the region are navigable. Major rivers include the Ismade and the Edanyo. Most of these rivers are also heavily used for irrigation in the past, leaving long canals which these days often serve as tourist attractions, for example the famous Erbatakuruya, or Erba's Canal, which stretches 61 kilometres from the Ismade and feeds several large reservoirs around which towns have grown.

Of all the provinces of Risevne Feladmena is perhaps one of the most deeply changed by human activity, due to its suitability for human settlement; in modern days, though a large part of the land remains under cultivation, the province plays the role of a huge transport conduit for the three largest cities of the country. Several great highways begin here, including the Masalne West Coast Highway, as well as the Inland Sea Highway and the Southern Highway, and most of the islands's major railways also intersect here.


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Famous Locations

  • Lake Salmesi, a lake nearly doubled in area by irrigation projects
  • Omesa Tombs, a splendid series of tombs of the Kings of Masal and other important nobles