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Ebubo is a philosophical language designed by Andrew Nowicki in the late 20th or early 21st century. It is the predecessor of Ygyde.

In 2003 at Conlang-L, Andrew wrote of Ebubo: Ebubo, the precursor of Ygyde has fewer letters but its rules to make compound words are no good.

Sometime after 2005 at Auxlang-L, Andrew, writing about Ygyde, noted: The best auxlang is the one that has been totally transformed under the fire of criticism and self criticism into different auxlang many times over the course of many years. Ygyde is the best example of such dramatically transformed auxlang -- its roots are really in the Ebubo auxlang. Most modern Ygyde words have completely different spelling than Ygyde words two years ago,

Ebubo Grammar

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  • Ebubo Language - original page by Andrew Nowicki; glossoarchaeological dig by The Sun Prince, 2020