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The Durosirase, literally meaning "Rebuilding" in Mirselec, refers to the period of Risevan history between the late 1940s and the mid 1980s, marking the period of Risevne's emergence as a major world economic power after its costly victory in the Fourth Global War. During this period, some of the most distinctive features of the modern Risevan economy, including the government-linked Kuborisna conglomerates, first came into being.

The Durosirase is often called the Second or Great Ibakizaro, in a reference to the earlier period of rapid economic growth and industrialisation between the Restoration and the First Global War; its success was widely viewed as one of the economic miracles of the world during the period, but it has also provoked much controversy for the Risevan government's use of its postwar position to gain economic leverage for the growth.


Governmental Role

The Ministry of Trade, Development and Industry

First formed in 1948, just after the end of the War, as a coordinating office with the orignial mandate of managing the transition to a peacetime economy as well as stimulating industrial and economic recovery, the Risevan Ministry of Trade, Development and Industry would prove an instrumental agency in the success of the Risevan economy.

The Kuborisna

External Influences

Social Impact

International Impact and Controversy


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