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The Denoxen-Nazcekamo Event was a series of gigantic volcanic eruptions that are widely considered as a historical watershed for the civilisations of Valmante, so much so that at the first meetings of the First Asela League the constituent states, for want of a common way to represent their respective years and dates, chose to date the year as 1880 DN, from an estimate of how long ago the event actually happened (See controversy below).



Dating Convention


The main controversy regarding the use of the DN system to count years has been the fact that the 1880 estimate, which first established the year and subsequently gave an order for historians to establish all dates retrospectively, has been proven to be off by at least 10 years, and possibly up to 25 years. While the main historical sources of many worldwide civilisations which existed at the time do point to major upheavals in climate which fit the pattern of a huge volcanic eruption, several of the more reliable samples used for dating reveal that the eruption's effects were in fact felt in many areas, including Soreno, Akezurnam and Koreta, from around 10 BDN onwards.