Currency of the Lein Dynasty

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One of the most important acts of the Lein Dynasty, at its inception, was the standardisation of currency throughout the Empire. Whereas previous dynasties allowed respective feudal states great discretion in money policies, to the extent of issuing their own systems of currency, the Lein in order to centralise and unite the Empire had no room for such measures. The standardisation of currency was one of the first edicts passed by Tairazun Durun berHikas ne-i-Lein, who made use of the Lein system of currency - ironically a self-issued system that ignored the currency of the Nar Dynasty then - as the Imperial standard:

1 uta = 12 berenon

1 bere = 12 teknon

1 tek = 6 pirinon

Besides these divisions, there are also other divisions present, but most of those exist on a regional level - again, a residue of ancient feudalism that has not quite faded amongst the populace. For the most part, given the relatively small values of those local currencies, the government does not interfere; but neither does it recognise those systems in its transactions.