Conlang Relay 18/Angosey

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I received the Taiwazaiho torch from Avery on January 24, 2011. I admit I had difficulty translating certain sentences and my translation probably omits some details. I am also guilty of inserting "like the color of rose hip tea" into the translation!

Here is the smooth English translation of the Angosey text.

Eventually it happened. The image of the dragon that the man had drawn came to life in the dark room. It exhaled a little cloud of smoke. Then it broke the window and perched on a railing in the marketplace. There was a basketweaver nearby. He didn't see the dragon!

There was a long table in the marketplace, covered by snow. A woman stood by the table. She was pretty, but she was somewhat haughty. Her cheeks were red gold, like the color of rose-hip tea.

When she saw the little dragon, she simply stared. Then she stroked its muzzle and smiled.

Here is the Angosian version of the above:

Ak'halaya sey ethelena. Govandaya ay ngaletaya lay au ziren zanaleta'eo ngala anethna sesa. Ngesreha ay ameth zahra'eo anat samer. Es ngahaltha zanaleta au zinith es avarata ngey sakatna nde revenana. Ili ngalretha zanaleta al arauanin. An ngazira araunin ngey!

Ayleya au tereth ang in revenana narethna ndasre. Senaya al ley terethna ndalretha. Ayryea zakayro al ley. De ngalaraya ley al sreveth. Ayryea esavara dreyara au ndapathley. Selesaya ey ay heleth kharo'eo ndala jivadhineo ndalet.

Araneth ngaziraya ley al zanaleta anene, es kho ihvaya al ley. Es ngavaraya ley au veun zanaleteo ngalr, es kou helinaya al ley.

Angosey is an a priori artistic language. It has no predecessors, either real or imagined. For details on the language, see