Christianity (Finla AU)

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Christianity is the dominant religion in the AU.

All Christian demoninations form part of The Church Catholic, and are split into regions (Churches) where each is predominant. Each Church has its own Papal Seat and liturgical language, the practical importances of which varies from Church to Church.

The Churches

Church Name Papal Seat Liturgical Language(s) Other Common Languages Other Local Religions
Northern Gothenburg Norse Latin Rygsnors, Fínlǣsk, Hibernic, etc. Various forms of Heathenism
Western Rome Latin, Hibernic Various Vulgates, Various Germanic, Other  
Eastern Istanbul Byzantine, Church Slavonic Attic, Rus, Various Slavic, Others  
Asian Jerusalem Byzantine, Hebrew, Sanskrit, Helleno-Sanskrit Latin, Persian, Various Turkic, Slavic and Prakrit, Other Hinduism, Buddhism, Other
Oriental Bagan Church Mon Sanskrit, Tocharian, Various Others Buddhism, Various forms of Heathenism
African Cairo Coptic, Amharic, Attic, Latin Hebrew, Various Others Various forms of Heathenism