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stómiesiewę czel
Number of speakers 8 million
Country Cernelia
Language family
Word order Subject–verb–object
Typology Mostly fusional
Actual world facts
Author DanishtD
Danisht Dzakwan
Date of creation October 2021

Cernelian (Cernelian: stómiesiowę czel, stómiesioko, IPA: /stumʲjɛˈɕɔvɛ t͡ʂɛl/) is a fictional divergent Finnic alternative language (altlang) spoken in the fictional country Cernelia (Stómiesie), which actually made by an Indonesian named Danisht Dzakwan (User:DanishtD). It develops from southern Proto-Finnic under influence of sound changes that affected Polish, a Slavic languages, including some early internal Finnic changes, that make it so divergent from other natural languages like Finnish and Estonian. Therefore, Cernelian uses Polish orthography.


The Cernelian language is spoken by 8 million people in a fictional country in Eastern Europe named Cernelia. Cernelia is mostly located in our world's Belarus, except it excluded Gomel region, and the country took southern parts of Pskov Oblast, Russia and territories east and north of Bug, Narew, and Vistula rivers. The native name stómiesieko comes from the country name Stómiesie, deriving from earlier Mstómiesie, ultimately from Proto-Finnic *musta meccä "the black forest". The English name, is from Latin Cernaelis, borrowed from Proto-Slavic *černъjь lěsъ (cf. Polish Czarnylaska), in turn a calque from Proto-Finnic.

Cernelian is classified as a fusional language, although nonetheless features some remnants of a agglutinative feature prototypical to Proto-Finnic, where Cernelian, Estonian, and Finnish descends; for example the ablative ending -sto can to be separated from the infixes -o- and -(i)a- (for example), as in j-a-ł-k-o, j-a-ł-g-o-sto, j-e-ł-dz-a-sto, while most others are completely unseparable and obscured by historical regular sound change. Compare with Latin urbibus:

  • Latin urbibus: urb- (stem of urbs "city") + -ibus (dative plural and ablative plural ending)
  • Cernelian lgną: lgn- (stem of lgno "city") + (dative plural ending)
  • Cernelian lgniasto: lgn- (stem of lgno "city") + -ia (plural marker for locatives) + -sto (general ablative marking


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