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The Cātran Empire spanned much of southwestern Sandula from 445 PS to 153 AS. It was an evolution of the earlier Republic of Tūsīco, which existed in the Fēsian peninsula for hundreds of years. At its height, the empire controlled nearly the entire southwest, as well as the territory around the city of Crenadria and some of the western portions of the fallen Šiāšāv Empire.

The Republic of Tūsīco

The Republic of Tūsīco (Tēippa sen Tūsīco) was a polity hailing from the city of Tūsīco, found between the Tūsīco and Tūsimio rivers. It began as a coalition of multiple city-states. Under the rule of Pāpastō Almāt the 1st, much of the coalition were unified into a single entity. It is widely believed that each of the city-states spoke closely related languages to Cātralus, all now extinct. The original member city-states of the Republic were already firmly aligned with Tūsīco because of a shared local pantheon and geography. Others joined the Republic later on, and a group of far-western cities created a separate union, the Fēissum Union.

The Fēissum Conflicts (570 PS - 520 PS)

The Fēissuman conflict period lasted around 100 years (50 Cātran years), during which the Republic of Tūsīco and the Fēissum Union were involved in a number of small wars. These were mostly fought over small portions of land, some in the name of deities. These culminated in the Greater Fēissum War following the destruction of Rādasum.

The Greater Fēissum War (520 PS - 515 PS)

Following the destruction of Rādasum, which was condemned by the religious leader of the Fēissum Union for "excessive greed" after recapturing a small amount of land, Pāpastō Sūtum declared total war against the union. The military of the Republic relied heavily on chariots and horse-riders, giving them an advantage over their enemies. The war ended with the burning of the council building in Fēissum and the ravaging of the city.