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This is a list of body parts in Zali. It was created in 2006 by Imralu as a response to the template Body Parts in Your Conlangs.

Body parts in Zali

Body tem [tEm] 
-Blood vessel 
-Material of which it is composed pu [pu] (just means "stuff", "material") 
--Bone zaik [Zajk] 
--Gristle or cartilage (sp? cartilege?) 
--Muscle mad [mad] 
--Blood eik [Ejk] 
-Trunk (torso) jul [dZUl] 
--Chest bus [bUS] 
--Abdomen or Belly taun [tawn] 
--Waist edil ["EdIl] 
-Neck stiv [StIv] 
--Head pok [pOk] 
---Hair iki ["iki] (= hair on head), tal [tal] (= hair on body, fur, general word for hair) 
---Ear cok [tSOk] 
----Earhole cokdvad ["tSOkdvad] 
---Eye og [Og] 
----Eyeball ogwel ["OgwEl] 
-----Pupil ognol ["OgnOl] (= "eyeblack") 
-----Sclera ogaigu ["Ogajgu] (= "eyewhite") 
-----Eyelash ogtal ["Ogtal] (= "eyehair") 
----Eye socket ogdvad ["Ogdvad] (= "eyehole") 
----Tear gland 
---Nose penk [pENk] 
----Nostril penkdvad ["pENkdvad] 
---Mouth sab [Sab] (= externally visible part of the mouth, ie. the lips), cik [tSIk] (= oral cavity) 
-----Maxilla (upper jaw) 
-----Mandible (lower jaw) 
----Tooth (!I think I had a word for this, but lost it when I lost my dictionary) 
-----Eyetooth or Canine Tooth 
-----Molar (and/or premolar?) 
----Tongue lamil ["lamIl] 
---Arm cad [tSad] 
----Shoulder zut [ZUt] 
----Elbow cadwelik ["tSadwElIk] (= "armjoint") 
----Wrist logwelik ["lOgwElIk] (= "handjoint") 
----Humerus (upper arm) yalcad ["jaltSad] (= "toparm") 
----Lower Arm loncad ["lOntSad] (= "bottomarm") 
----Hand log [lOg] 
---Leg duk [dUk] 
----Hip pois [pOjS] 
----Knee dukwelik ["dUkwElIk] (= "legjoint") 
----Ankle dezwelik ["dEZwElIk] (= "footjoint") 
----Thigh (upper leg) yalduk ["jaldUk] 
----Shin hilag ["hilag] (= shin, bony part at front), oboz ["ObOZ] (= calf, muscular part at back), lenduk ["lEndUk] (= "bottomleg") 
----Foot dez [dEZ] 
-----Sole dezlen ["dEZlEn] (= "footbottom") 
--Digit (toe or thumb or finger) ix [Its] 
---Nail vask [vaSk] 
----Fingernail log(ix)vask ["lOg(Its)vaSk] (= "hand(digit)nail") 
----Toenail dez(ix)vask ["dEZ(Its)vaSk] (= "foot(digit)nail") 
---Toe dezix ["dEZIts] (= "footdigit") 
----Pollex ("Great" Toe or Big Toe) darix ["dazIts] (= "bigdigit"), dadezix ["dadEZIts] (= "bigfootdigit") 
----Pinky toe or little toe posxirix ["pOStsizIts] (= "mostlittledigit") 
----Other individual toes? xidezix ["tsidEZIts] (= "littlefootdigit") 
---Thumb zadix ["ZadIts] (= "importantdigit") 
----Thumbnail zadixvask ["ZadItsvaSk] (= "importantdigitnail") 
---Finger logix ["lOgIts] 
----Index finger 
----Pinky finger 
----Middle finger 
----Ring finger 
--My god, how could I have left out the genitalia?!?! 
---Female en [En] 
----vagina munu ["munu] 
---male az [aZ] 
----penis wung [wUN] 
-Side vel 
--Back (!don't remember offhand) 
--Front (!don't remember offhand) 
--Bottom (lower) len- ["lEn-] 
--Top (upper) yal- ["jal-] 
--anus dumfdvad ["dUmfdvad] (= "arsehole") 
--urethral meatus? 

breast, boob bumba ["bUmba] 
arse, buttocks, bum dumf ["dUmf] 
skull pokzaik ["pOkZajk] (= "headbone") 

Author's notes

"As for the other questions - they are much like us, technologically and scientifically advanced, so they know the true function of each organ, but much like us, although they know the true situation, there still remain certain cultural attachments to organs. The heart and guts are the home of the emotions - the heart beats faster with just about any intense emotion, and when it gets even more intense, the stomach aches. Consciousness was associated with the eyes, although it then became associated with the brain because people who had lost their eyes still reported being conscious - the brain was the obvious choice, being behind the eyes, and able to see through them."