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A list of the body parts, in the Ttuan language. This list was created as a response to the template Body Parts in Your Conlangs.

Author notes

All words are monosyllables, combined in most cases into pairs or trios. Ttuan is atonal, but pronunciation is precise.

Body parts in Ttuan

Body: Byae pyin.
Blood vessel: Rien tyin.
Artery: Rien tyin haing.
Vein: Rien tyin hain.
Bone: Tuan.
Cartilage: Tua
Skin: Guo tyi.
Muscle: Guong thei.
Fat: Pying byae.
Blood: Rien.
Torso: Byae byae.
Chest: Byae kai.
Heart: Rieng ghon.
Lung: Huōng byae.
Abdomen: Ghuong fu.
Belly: Fu kai.
Stomach: Fu tying.
Liver: Puing.
Spleen: Hsyu rien.
Intestines: Qyon tyi.
Waist: Byō paen.
Neck: Tsōn dyeng.
Extremity: D’ye ve.
Head: Dyeng jung.
Hair [on head]: Pyang ºō
Hair [body]: Pyang ºyō.
Ear: Fuin jung.
Earhole: Pue fuin.
Earlobe: Fuin ghein.
Eye: Th’en.
Eyeball: Th’en tsōng.
Iris: Th’en ssuang.
Pupil: Th’en ghon.
Sclera: [??]
Eyebrow: Hueng shain.
Eyelid: Th’en twin.
Eyelash: Pyang shain.
Eye socket: Th’en jung.
Tear gland: Th’en hsyu.
Nose: Ssuein.
Nostril: Kuie ssuein.
Mouth: Kuie khuien.
Jaw: Khuien thei.
Jaw, upper: cf MAXILLA
Jaw, lower: cf MANDIBLE
Maxilla (upper jaw): Khuien jung.
Mandible (lower jaw): Khuien byuung.
Tooth: Tuang (khien).
Incisor: Tuang
Canine Tooth: Tuang kieng.
Molar (and/or premolar?): Tuang zhō.
Tongue: Hsueing khuien.
Limb: Zhie d’ye.
Arm: Dyen.
Shoulder: Kyaing.
Elbow: Byuung.
Wrist: Fie qō.
Humerus: Tuan buōng.
Biceps: Guong buōng.
Arm, upper: Dyen buōng.
Forearm: Dyen tong.
Hand: Qō.
Hands, both: Qōn.
Palm: Ghyong qō.
Leg: D’ye.
Hip: Byō byae.
Buttock: Byō chua.
Knee: Thyong.
Patella: Thyong khuōn.
Ankle: Fie ssyun.
Thigh: Byōn (dyen, guong, thei).
Shank: D’ye ton.
Shin: Ton kai.
Calf: Ton chuan.
Foot: Ssyun.
Sole: Ghyong ssyun.
Heel: Byuung ssyun.
Ball (of foot): Ghyo ssyun ven ºuun.
Digit (toe or thumb or finger): Ghyo.
Nail: Tua Ghyo.
Fingernail: Tua ghyo qō.
Toenail: Tua ghyo ssyun.
Toe: Ghyo ssyun.
Pollex (Big Toe): Tua ghyo ven.
Toe, big: cf POLLEX.
Little toe: Tua ghyo rain.
Other individual toes? [No]
Thumb: ºe qō
Thumbnail: Tua (thumb).
Finger: Ghyo qō.
Index finger: Ghyo fyōng.
Pinky finger: Ghyo ºe.
Middle finger: Ghyo ghon.
Ring finger: Ghyon zyin.
Vagina: Kuie ºwō.
Womb: Kuie tyin.
penis: (Twin, tua, paeng, jyōng, …) ºyō
Testicle: Jein ºyō.
Side (of body): Qin qyain.
Ribcage: Qyain tuan.
Back (of body): Byae chuan.
Posterior: Chua.
Anterior: Kai.
Left-handed: Gho.
Right-handed: Ghong.
Bottom (lower): Khin
Top (upper): Lyain.
Orifices: Kuie.
Anus: Kuie hsyae.
Urethral meatus: R’ying ºwō rien.