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This is a list of body-related words in Talanese. While not strictly an actual response to the Body Parts in Your Conlangs template, this list was created in 2006 by dinnae as a result of the publication of that template.

Body-related words in Talanese

In, inside of - Tendet (heart) /ˈtɛndət/ 
Out, outside of - Twizo (shell, skull) /ˈtwizoʊ/ 
Around (static) - Natan (skin, bark) /natɔn/ 
Through (static) - Ped (stick, rod) /pɛd/ 
On top of, Over (static) - Miye (hair) /ˈmijə/ 
Above, Over (static) - Aol (cloud) /ɔβ̞͡ɫ/ 
Underneath - Bundu (underside) /ˈbɵndʊw/ 
Below - Neeza (grass) /ˈniza/ 
Beside, Next to - Stabed (arm) /ˈstabəd/ 
In front of - Danćod (chest) /ˈdɔntɕɔd/ 
Behind - Kee (back) /k͜xi/ 
At (in a place; at a moment) - Se /sə/ 
Over (dynamic) - Meyl (wing) /ˈmɛil/ 
Under, Before - Asper (water) /ˈaspər/ 
Through (dynamic), During, While being in - Ense (spear) /ˈɛnsə/ 
Past, After - Huś (wind) /hʊɕ/ 
From elsewhere towards here - Sitei (source of river) /ˈsiti/ 
Towards a specific location Ula (gaze) /ˈʊla/ 
Away from here - Pridas (buttocks) /ˈpridas/ 
Alongside - Dedomheyet (lover, lit hand-holder) /dədɔˈmejət/ < relatively recent addition to the pronoun list, con-historically 
Off - Away, from touching - Donin (fall) /ˈdɔnɘn/ 
Into (place, area, state) - Raowemelek (field of view) /rɔwəˈmeilək/ (always makes me think 'raw milk') 
Out of (place, area, state) - Meśa (leaf bud) /ˈmeiɕa/ 
Around (dynamic) - Malman (orbit) /ˈmɔlmɔn/, dynamic form of /ˈmɔlma/, hug 
Moving around the inside of area or place - Sefse (sniff around) /ˈsɛfsə/ 

Author's notes

"Talanese motional/locational/temporal prepositions are derived from body parts or other nouns (note, /a/ is actually more central, and /r/ usually is a tap, but they written as such for the ease of transcription):

And no, this is not a confusing system. Talanese requires articles for nouns pretty much all the time (because nouns themselves don't inflect much), and of course prepositions don't have articles. It all came to me when I was reading a rather interesting text that had something to do with perception of time, progress and motion in Mediaeval paintings in the library. Actually, my whole TAM system is built upon inspiration drawn from that! ---

As for the body parts list, well... I haven't filled out much, yet, because I've chosen to do it elaborately. I have more words for body parts than there are on this list, but I just haven't reached them yet while filling it out!

Thanks for providing it, though. Here's what I have so far (.htm converted from .doc)"