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This is a list of body parts in Beftokan. It was created in response to the template Body Parts in Your Conlangs in 2006.

Author's notes

Beftokan's still a new conlang (only about 150 words in the lexicon to date), but it does have most of the points of consonantal articulation noted (linguistics is a living science in Beftok), so I'll list them here.

All body parts, including these, are considered to be part of the "human" noun class, and will decline according to it once I post the grammar.

Body parts in Beftokan

lip - èman [e_M.ma_Ln] (paucal: kaèman) 
tooth - ghîš [GI_Hs`] 
tongue - šuun [s`u:n] 
alveolar ridge - gìkew [gi_M.ke_L.M_L] 
palate - bugháth [bu_L.Ga_Ht_h] 
velum - ughom [u_L.GO_Lm] 
uvula - bháplekh [Ba_H.plE_Lx] 
glottis - durtan [du_L4.ta_Ln]