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Bastenal-dego, numerical designation E1-3, is one of the districts of Isana, located within Awenhine remis. It is most famously known as being one of the major economic areas of the city, as well as housing the new Isana Stock Exchange building and the headquarters of the Risevan Central Bank.

The word Bastenal refers to a certain large pavillion, and contains a fair amount of historical irony; being a word from classical Mirselec it carries a strong connotation of education and refinement, and in this context it referred to the many pavillions erected within this area, ostensibly for hard-working labourers to rest, and built by money donated by wealthy industrialists and the noveau-riche of Isana during the Ibakizaro. That they are built on the east side of the bay, instead of the west where the vast majority of the labourers were housed, gives the lie to these acts of charity; nonetheless these days some of the old surviving pavillions have become important historical locations within the city.

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