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Basetimena remis, literally "Baseti plains Area" in Mirselec, is an area of Isana, occupying the Baseti plain that stretches westward from Gardaus Bay to the coast. It is the largest, and the most populated, remis within the city.

Along with Nimegose, Karagose and Garnoye remis, Basetimena is one of the mainly residential districts of the city, and was once a thriving agricultural district occupied mostly by relatively rich landowners who resided in nearby Isana city. The purging of these elements during the Committee of Guardians paved the way for the whole area to be redeveloped as an industrial district, complete with a new port in modern day Nimegose remis; Basetimena then became a focus of the Ibakizaro and a powerful symbol of growth for the nation, albeit at a terrible price of human deprivation and pollution.

Under the Izanosan Plans, the area became one of the centres of the planners' attention, and was redrawn completely and redeveloped extensively. Now it is one of the main residential areas in the city, divided into 11 districts.

Site and Situation

The concept in the Izanosan plan of the "District-City" was first implemented in the western remis, including Basetimena; even now the plan survives largely unchanged, with constant additions (3 new town districts have been added to the original 8). The 11 districts of Basetimena remis were designed to be partially self-contained towns, many with their own local schools, hospitals, transport networks in the form of light overhead rail and buses, while being linked to each other via a highly efficient network of trunk road and rail links. Having been proven successful in the west, this concept of residential new towns would later be adopted throughout the city and in other cities as well.

For the high population densities of the remis it is surprisingly green, with large tracts of space set aside under the Isana Parks and Public Spaces Department, as either parks or park connectors. The old system of irrigation canals that criss-cross the remis, in particular, have been used ingeniously to link different parks up along so-called Canal Paths.




Constituent Districts

Basetimena is divided into a total of eleven Dego, or Districts:

  • Kemorigan
  • Nairigan
  • Sultagasya

Significant buildings and sites