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Awenkara remis, literally "Bay-West Area" in Mirselec, is an area of Isana. As its name suggests it is situated along the west coast of Gardaus Bay, and thus contains the main commercial districts of the city; it has sometmies been called "The Shopping Centre of the World".

This district of the city began as simply the "West City", and in its early history was a far grittier place, being both the port district until the late 19th century, and the centre of transportation for the immense wave of industrial development that would take over the formerly rural areas to its west, and incorporate them all within Isana city. Presently it retains its role, in a sense, as the centre of the western city, though its modernity stands in stark contrast to the much more traditional feel of Zaumir remis just to its north.

Site and Situation

Awenkara remis is bounded by the mouth of the Rushalya to the north, and stretches along the length of Gardaus Bay, being linked by the three great bay bridges (namely Nikemi Bridge, Soruta Bridge and Horesen Bridge) to Awenhine remis across the bay. Heavily urbanised and almost completely built up, Awenkara nonetheless retains large areas of artificially grown forest in its north, where many of its famous municipal buildings and sites are also situated.




Constituent Districts

Awenkara remis is subdivided into four large districts that are then farther subdivided into different precincts or neighbourhoods. From north to south, the districts are:

Significant buildings and sites