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'Awenhine remis, literally "Bay East District" in Mirselec, is an Area in Isana; as its name suggests, it lies along the east coast of Gardaus Bay, almost along its whole length from the mouth of the Rushalya river to the bay's opening into the sea.

The area was formerly on the outskirts of old Isana, outside the walls and home to the burgeoning merchant class of the city; as the city expanded to include the Bay in the early 19th century, and more importantly as the Ibakizaro began, the entire centre of gravity of the city was shifted south and the bay district became the heart of the city, where the government was relatively sheltered from the industry to the west of the bay.

Presently Awenhine is the financial and commercial heart of the city, as well as the entire country. It is the site of the Risevan Stock Exchange, as well as the headquarters of more than 200 major financial companies and banks, situated in such famous neighbourhoods as Baroye, Ekusinada and Bastenal; at the same time, even as many of these companies are gradually moving south into the Henoris area, Awenhine is rapidly taking on a role as a cultural centre as well.

Site and Situation

Modern day Awenhine stretches along the length of the east shore of Gardaus Bay, from the mouth of the Rushalya river in the north to Henoris Extension in the south. While the highly developed areas are farther north, near the old economic centres that have been operating as such since the mid 18th century, the entire area is highly built up and contains the headquarters of most institutions based within the city.




Constituent Districts

Awenhine remis is divided into 6 districts, all lying adjacent to each other along Gardaus Bay. From north to south, they are: