Aunidanizon Crisis

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The Aunidanizon Crisis or Aunidanizon Incident (Mirselec Aunidanizon hilaze) was an incident and subsequent diplomatic crisis between the nations of Risevne and Kavena, occurring between 12 May and 3 July 1957 in the city of Nimzon in Kavena.

Sparked off by a dispute over the demolition of a building adjacent to the Risevan Embassy in Nimzon, in order to provide for its expansion, the crisis can be divided into several parts: the initial riots and local resistance to the demolition which killed five Risevani, the subsequent withdrawal of agreement by the Kavenain government, and finally Operation Firecloud and Operation Blessed Cloud, two operations launched by the Risevan armed forces; one aimed at evacuating the surviving Risevani, and one as a show of force to the Kavenain government.


The Crisis

Dispute over 203 Aunidanizon Road


Kavenain Government Reaction

Risevani Govenment Reaction


Aribume Nashan

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Nisoratebume Nashan

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Subsequent Reactions