Athonite Age

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Pronunciation table

Athonite α β γ γγ γκ γξ γχ δ ε ζ θ ι κ λ μ μπ ν ντ ξ ο ου π ρ ς τ τζ φ χ ψ ω
Latin a v gh ng g ngks nch dh ɛ z th i k l m b n d ks o u p r s t tz f ch ps ō
IPA /a/1 /v/ /ɣ/2 /ŋ/ /g/ /ŋks/ /ŋç/ /ð/ /ɛ/ /z/ /θ/ /i/ /k/ /l/ /m/ /b/ /n/3 /d/ /ks/ /ɔ/ /u/ /p/ /ɾ/ /s/4 /t/ /ʣ/ /f/ /ç/ /ps/ /o/

Notes - Σιμιωςις

  • 1 when accented, otherwise /ʌ/.
  • 2 /ɣ/ before α, ο and ου; /j/ before ε and ι.
  • 3 final <ν> before <π> and <μπ> becomes /m/, e.g., δεν μπορώ, <dhemboˈrṓ>, I cannot. The <π> becomes /b/, e.g., δεν πιραζι, <dhembiˈrazi>, it doesn't matter.
final <ν> before <κ>, <γ> and <χ> becomes /ŋ/, e.g., δεν κοβω, <dheng'kovō>, I cut.
  • 4 /z/ before voiced consonants, e.g., ως Δεβτέρ, <ōz Dhevtér>, until Monday,


How old are you?
I am ... years old.
How old is your ....?
He/She is ... years old.
Από πος ετι ιςε;
Ιμε από ... ετι.
Από πος ετι ινε ... ςου;
ο γι
τι κορ
Ινε από ... ετι.
Apό pos eti ise?
Ime apό ... eti.
Apό pos eti ine ... sou?
o yi
ti kor
Ine apό ... eti.

Athonite Occupations and Study