Asvro Raid

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Asvro Raid (Mirselec Asfero ke Sorinkar)
Fourth Global War
Date 9 June 1942
Location Asvro Island, Kemdes Sea
Result Decisive League Victory
Risevne, Iruze, Kainomis Beotes
Auseri Sosten, Hau Selarge Osin Hattra
3 battleships,
6 carriers,
8 cruisers,
13 destroyers,
21 submarines,
~430 planes
5 battleships,
3 carriers,
8 cruisers,
6 destroyers
19 planes destroyed 4 battleships, 2 carriers, 4 cruisers, 2 destroyers, extensive damage to Asvro Naval Base; nearly 3,153 killed

The Asvro Raid was an important action in the Koreno Theatre of the Fourth Global War, when units from three member nations of the Third Asela League launched an attack on the country of Beotes, which had joined the war on the side of the Coalition.


The Attack