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The Arophanic depiction (Dethric elygeor Arophaein ['elyʒər arəfa'i:n]; Arithide aloussera Araphenaph [a'lu:səra a'rafənaf]), an obsolete cartographic projection formerly used by the imperial Areth, centres maps around Arophania, their home continent. Interestingly, the Areth never considered themselves the centre of the world; if anything, they considered themselves to occupy a position on the geographic periphery, albeit a privileged periphery that was the centre of civilisation.

The depiction was so named by historians, and was most commonly used in the classical era, centring the map around Arophania, which, along with the Thorfu, was shown disproportionately larger than either Marcasia or Istheusia, which were squashed in the top and right areas of the map. In early maps, neither Canthres nor Eresphria was shown, while in later productions their depiction gradually progressed from incomplete land masses trailing off the edge of the map, to full standalone continents, albeit still inaccurately drawn.

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