Arihikas Nashan

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Arihikas Nashan, literally meaning "Operation Fire Spell" or "Operation Fire Magic" in Mirselec, was an operation undertaken by the Kenote Nashan Igunimi, or Special Operations Command, of the Risevan Royal Army on 12 April 1959, in response to a hostage crisis in Kavena where a hotel in the coastal city of Nimkanil had been taken over by Kavenain nationalist extremists.


Planning and Execution


The Kavenain Raid

On 11 April, the Kavenain police launched an operation at 2320 hrs with the intention of rescuing the hostages. The plan of the police had been to lure the hostages out by acceding to their demands; the three cars that would ferry them to the airport were driven in, but instead of stopped outside the hotel entrance they stopped a distance away, in the hope that as the terrorists emerged they would present a clear shot to Kavenain snipers, five of whom had been positioned around the area. However, the terrorists suspected a trap, and pushed several of the hostages out to form a human shield so as to cover their approach to the vehicles.

Operation Fire Magic


Arihikas Nashan was the first operation undertaken by the RKNI in the world after the Global Wars, and its complete success laid the foundation for their fearsome reputation.