Areas and Districts of Isana

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The city of Isana is divided into a total of 10 Areas, or Remis, which are in turn divided into Districts, or dego (commonly abbreviated to -de). This forms the basic framework of the city's local administration, and was devised in 1926 in the aftermath of the Third Global War, partly as a measure to allow greater autonomy in reacting to crises within each area of the city.

The division into remis is unique to the three province-level cities of Risevne, and represents a greater autonomy of government for all the different remis; unlike some other cities, however, the division does not confer municipal powers upon the subdivisions, neither does it define them as separate cities: the City of Isana remains a single unit of administration.


East Isana

E1. Bay East

E2. Port

E3. Eastern Boundary

E4. White Fort

E5. Waranye and North

West Isana

W1. West Bay

W2. South Coast

W3. West Coast

W4. Palace

W5. Baseti Plain