Alpine languages

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The languages spoken today in the Alps are:

  • German dialects
  • Swiss German
  • Bavarian
  • Romance languages
  • Gallo-Romance
  • French
  • Franco-Provençal
  • Occitan
  • Rhaeto-Romance
  • Rumansch
  • Ladin
  • Friulian
  • Italian
  • South Slavic languages
  • Slovenian

Known extinct languages of the Alps are:

  • Continental Celtic
  • Gaulish
  • Lepontic
  • Noric
  • Raetic (probably related to Etruscan)

Unlike the Caucasus, the Alps do not have surviving indigenous non-Indo-European languages. In the League of Lost Languages, however, we have taken the liberty to invent such non-Indo-European languages, see Palaeo-Alpine languages.