Abemar Island

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Abemar Island (Mirselec Abemarsurna) is an island in the Eastern Islands Department of Risevne, situated about 660 kilometres from the eastern coast of Agalmare. Once a remote island with a population of 760, it is now in the centre of Risevan oil extraction operations in the eastern sea and has a population of nearly 22,000.




The island has been inhabited for an estimated 4,000 years by people from Noma; it was first discovered by the Risevani explorer and naval commander Arin Namusar in 1544, who saw little economic potential for the island; nonetheless he proceeded to claim it, and the claim was confirmed the following year by the Crown.

Economy and Demography

Over the late 1970s extensive infrastructural development has taken place in the area in order to provide for the activities of the oil workers, many of which reside there, and as a result the island's economy now centres around the oil workers, who live in two main towns, as well as the large docks and oil refinery complex located near the town of Besudi.