Abanamide Province

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Abanamide Province (Mirselec Abanamide denai), also known as province 9, is a province of Risevne; situated on the northern side of Enibase Bay, it borders Osbane Province to its north, Baseniga Province to its northeast, and Ofalna Province to its east. Its capital is the city of Durimaye.

Abanamide was arguably the first major site of Mirsel civilisation, before changing climatic conditions prompted the southward move into the Feladmena Plain and eventually the Raretoya Peninsula; some earliest sites of the Narusgerya Culture, as well as another indigenous culture endemic to Abanamide and Osbane, date back to around 5,000 DN (in comparison the type site of the Narusgerya Culture in Isana is in fact a mid-Narusgerya site, dating from around 3,100 DN). In later years, Abanamide was a major base of the Hesgarigani kingdoms and an important political centre even into the 11th and 12th centuries; the city of Negusai was, and still is, sometimes known as Sideisana or "Little Capital".



Economy and Demography

Society and Culture

Constituent Counties

Towns and Cities

  • Negusai, the former capital of several kingdoms

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