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Letters Examples in English IPA
a as in father a
b as in below b
c as in jungle, jar ʤ
ç as in CHair, CHallange ʧ
d as in dark d
e as in bed e
f as in food f
g as in dog, ago g
ğ as in thouGH -
h as in hallo, has h
ı as in opEN ɯ
i as in meet i
j as in measure ʒ
k as in cop k
l as in length l, ʎ
m as in measure m
n as in nice n
o as in pore o
ö as in sir ø
p as in piece p
r as in rice r, ɹ
s as in sick s
ş as in SHare, SHade ʃ
t as in tip t
u as in today u
ü as in jury, fUture y
v as in village, vertical v
y as in bay, yes j
z as in zero, zodiac z
x as in six x

ABCL does not rely on the exact pronunciation of the letters. Words are constructed such a way that it is not sensitive to the diversions such as aspect and accenting. But it is essential to stress the vowels in V, VC, CV, VCV, CVC formations and the second vowel in CVCCV and longer formations.